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So you know there are spoilerphobes. Well, I'm the opposite of those--a spoilerphile, spoiler-lover, anti-spoilerphobe?? (We need a good name; this will bug me now.)

Not unrelated to the above, I got through the entirety of Power Rangers Megaforce on Netflix, thinking I'd be able to watch the next season, Super Megaforce, instantly BECAUSE OF ALL THE AWESOME CAMEOS OBVIOUSLY. No such luck though. :/ I shouldn't be that disappointed seeing as the season isn't even finished (BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS SERIOUSLY WHY DID I THINK EPISODES AIRED FEB. THROUGH MAY?? THAT'S SO STUPID.) But you can't just go to the end of Megaforce--on a freakin' cliffhanger where the robots/alien monsters with the weird heads come on the scene and THE LEGENDARY BATTLE is teased--without being frustrated that you have to wait until the season's finished and Netflix adds it.

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psych 8x03

Feb. 24th, 2014 07:12 pm
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I've been on break for the past week, and I've literally done nothing. /Nothing./ And I'm not misusing the word literally. On the one hand, I feel bad. On the other...fuck it. I don't care. Which is troubling because lately that's been my attitude toward everything.

I also can't believe I'm about to graduate in about three months. HOW DO PEOPLE DEAL??

I'm not ready to be an adult yet. But I also know I can't put it off forever.

Anyway! Psych! The remake episode. Before we got into the commentary, I have to admit I totally don't remember the original episode at all.

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psych 8x02

Feb. 16th, 2014 12:30 am
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I was gonna post all my reactions on Twitter, but then I thought maybe that'd be spoilery, and then I thought, maybe no one would care to get spoiled about Psych if they're not already watching. Ah, anyways, I've decided to post all my reactions on here, just to be on the safe side. Because I really want to get into the spoilery goodness but I also don't want to inadvertently spoil anyone.

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haven 4x08

Nov. 2nd, 2013 07:30 pm
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Overall, I thought this was a much better ep than "Lay Me Down", although that's not saying much because I still think everyone has been so wildly out of character so far this season. But I guess I should let it go because it is a new season and things have changed, and I can't expect them to remain the same characters. I acknowledge that, but I could still do without the stupidity that's been plaguing some of the characters.

The trouble of the week was very cool, though. Terrifying, but cool. And I love that Audrey/Nathan have consummated their relationship. Yayyy! After three long seasons of UST, it's about damn time. And 'm so happy about Duke/Jennifer too.

Still sad about Jordan being gone. Vince and Dave continue to be the best thing about Haven, imho. I wish we could find out if they're Troubled or not.

I'm behind on Elementary and Castle, and might not get caught up until next week. The last two weeks have just been essays, essays, essays, midterm, and one more essay due this Tuesday so that's all my head could handle.


I was the only younger looking person at the Q&A at the O'Brien Poetry Event Friday featuring Charles Simic. It made me feel extremely self-conscious, but I got through it.

The bad news is I left before I got an autograph, but it's okay. It was just great seeing him speak and read. I brought a new book of his poetry at Longfellows, which is what screwed me from buying a pre-autographed book they had at the event. I guess I'll just chalk this up to a learning experience, and not berate myself.

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haven 4x07

Oct. 26th, 2013 03:34 am
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+ Everyone should go and sign up for [community profile] intoabar and write fantastic crossover fic. :DD (Sign ups close in a day or so, however.)

+ I've also been gobbling up a new jdrama called Switch Girl. The premise really reminded me of Kare Kano (um...both a manga and anime I need to catch up on someday) but it's actually based on another manga of the same name? I'm just sad that there isn't a drama based on Kare Kano--that'd make me speed things up, though SG was not the drama I intended to watch at all, but this is how these things apparently happen now. (Speaking of manga/anime I'd like to be adapted into dramas, the list would also include Fruits Basket, and InuYasha.)

+ thoughts on haven:
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Jul. 18th, 2013 09:43 pm
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I've been binging on Haven where I've literally been just taking in as much as I can and ignoring everything else (even other social media sites I'm on) since about last Wednesday (the 10th). This was also due in part to having the worst earache I've ever had the displeasure to suffer through and where, as a result, I hadn't been able to sleep all that much--not for lack of trying, but I'd get into bed and all I could focus was on the excruciating pain, and maybe if I didn't lie on my side I could probably fall asleep just to have to get up in a few hours.

I got the earache trying to jam a Q-tip into my ear five days after my trip to the lake where I got some water in my ear unfortunately, but I thought the water was gone by that point! But it wasn't! I just made it worse somehow when I used the Q-tip and dislodged some dormant water or something because I did get that insane sensation like when your ears haven't popped, and I did feel like some water was sloshing around in there. The relief--pure relief--only came when I got the bright idea to put a hot towel on my ear to ease some of the soreness that I probably caused with the Q-tip--no matter how gently I thought I used the damned thing--but I wasn't so hopeful on the dislodging of water from my ear, and I was right. -_- Still feel like my left ear is full of water (and ugh, at one point, I was also scared that my ear was filled with sand as well because the lake floor is all sand and when you try to do handstands on the bottom of the lake with your legs kicking in the air, some sand is wont to get lodged somewhere uncomfortable and unwanted; this is probably not a good idea at all, doing the handstands and other crazy moves I mean, hence the uncomfortable water in ear almost a week and a half later), but I no longer want to chop off my ear to ease the aching pain, so...win, I guess?

BUT! Let's go back to talking about more fun things so--Haven!
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[community profile] cottoncandy_bingo's round one amnesty ended and I've only completed about three of the fics. Um, oops? I've been working on a fourth one and it's giving me so much pain. I just want OT3 kissing and hurt/comfort making out/sexy times! Is that too much to ask for, story, huh, is it?!! (apparently, yes >:)sinbad eps 1-5 thoughts )
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I learned today that you actually do /not/ put bananas in the freezer. <---did not know this

I was going to make this guilt free "ice cream" and I kinda skipped over the part where it said it was important to put the sliced bananas in the freezer.

And then today Mom was looking for the bananas to make banana bread and wondered what happened to the four I had inadvertently browned. (She thought twin brother had taken them somewhere and forgot about them. And after a panicked moment of deciding whether I should tell her the truth or not, I fessed up.)

But, anyways, I helped with the banana bread and it came out fantastic--probably because Mom was the one who measured the ingredients and all I did was mix stuff and put it in the special pan.

This is why I do not actually cook on a regular basis. Or am allowed in the kitchen without supervision.


I'm all caught up on Once Upon a Time and these are the things I desperately want to happen in s3:
  • Emma goes looking for Neal and finds him, preferably alive. (And preferably after she first gets Henry back from Neverland, safe and whole.)
  • We meet Wendy Darling again. 
  • Tamara and Greg die. 
  • Captain Hook and Bae/Neal reunite.
  • Belle and Gold move to Fuji and spend the rest of their immortal lives (after Gold makes Belle immortal) selling hats to tourists. (Or I dunno, ice shavings and ice cream, whatever they want, it's their choice; it doesn't have to be hats.)
  • Anton somehow produces even more magic beans. Charming and Snow move back to the Enchanted forest; Emma, Neal, and Henry also move to the Enchanted forest and start a detective agency with Mulan, Aurora and Phillip.
Now, who wants to take bets on what from this list will actually end up happening in s3?

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Not a spoiler: I'm so fucking excited for the two hour season finale next week.
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I suspect this might pertain to at least one of you on this flist, but Syfy has released the Warehouse 13 season 4.5 premiere a week early; it can be viewed here on Syfy's official WH13 page or on hulu (it's only gonna be up for four more days though. I'd have put up a proper review of it but all I can manage is: MY BABIEZZZZZZ AND EVERYTHING HURTS AND NOTHING IS ALRIGHT. And just a whole lot of general flailing and teary sighs.)

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