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Six-word stories are awesome and addicting - but I could only do three of them for now. I can't even write six-word stories? That's pretty much my conclusion! And that HP commentfic isn't like even 100 words. I dunno.

The Vampire Diaries, Jenna, decision

The Vampire Diaries, Caroline/Tyler, shall we dance?

Stargate: Atlantis, any male scientist/any male soldier, danger

Harry Potter, Sirius/Remus, coming home
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Saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 this afternoon with my brothers and my older brother's girlfriend. My older brother doesn't read the books, just watches the movies (or in this case just one movie before this one) so he came into the story not knowing a lot of the stuff. On the way home, it was my twin brother and me talking over each other, explaining things to older brother. (My twin does not summarize things too well and I meticulously try to summarize from beginning to end.)

And, regarding the movie, I cried during the graveyard scene when Harry's at his parents' grave but didn't cry during Dobby's death. Which I don't find too surprising. I always cry whenever something about Harry's parents are mentioned but not during any of the deaths (didn't cry when Sirius died either and he's my favorite character so I have no idea why death doesn't make me cry in this movie but mention something sad and I weep like a baby).

Remus and Tonks were awesome in the beginning too, even if I don't ship them. And Bill was hot! I think he and Fleur make one hot couple. George and Fred continue to be awesome, as always. :D

The Ron and Hermione scenes were awkward in the best possible way. He so loves her! But can't tell her without being an idiot about it! And making her be mad at him all the time. I so seriously wanted her to hug him when he came back after destroying the locket. What a missed opportunity! But I also think it's in character that she hits him so *shrugs* I love Ron & Hermione both in the movies and books while I'm mostly a Harry/Ginny shipper in the books. Yeah, their scenes don't make me giddy like Ron's and Hermione's but I still totally love them. (Maybe Rowling just writes their romance better than the producers can show it on the screen? That's my theory.) And when the locket showed him that Harry-and-Hermione-kissing moment, I wanted to hug him.

Everyone in the theater laughed at Fleur's "Look away, Bill, I'm hideous" and I thought it was funny too, how he comes to stand behind her and looks kinda distraught at his wife-to-be polyjuicing herself into a man.

The one thing that shocked me was how old everyone looked. Not like old-old but older than they were in previous films - at least to me. (And Rupert Grint really filled out nicely into a muscular but not too buff young man - yeah, there were a lot of shallow thoughts throughout this movie).

So yeah it was AWESOME and felt way too short and I didn't want it to end.

Oh and, I loved the previews of The Green Hornet and The Green Lantern and The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (still need to watch Prince Caspian - guh! so many movies, so little time~!)
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My older brother and his girlfriend came back from vacationing in the Philippines and Korea for a week early/late Sunday morning. For a few hours in the early/late morning, while my parents went to Boston to pick them up from the airport (because their flight came in at midnight and there apparently weren't any buses, I have no idea, they just needed a ride home from the airport) I was left ALONE. Thankfully, the house didn't burn down and no one dangerous came in to kidnap/rob me (apparently, I have a pretty wild imagination that makes things way worse for me than they are in reality).


Last night, I stayed up until four in the morning looking at HP fanart. I only look at fanart in "binges" - that is insane amount of time passes before I encounter anything, and then once I start, I can't stop at just ONE. It's an illness and if anyone discovers a cure, I will happily volunteer to be your guinea pig to try it first.

Seven Gen Recs )

One James/Lily Rec )

Four Sirius/Remus Recs )

(pretty much all of these I found over at [profile] crack_broom, where I spend an unhealthy amount of time lurking. AND SO SHOULD YOU.)


And: Random Thoughts I've Had About Harry Potter

*It would be awesome to meet Neville's grandmother because she sounds awesome.

*So if one were to suppose that Lily didn't choose James and had actually married Snape, would Harry Potter still be Harry Potter? The Boy Who Lived? Or would Snape and Lily's child be someone completely different? Would the prophecy about Harry still hold true? Or would it fall on Neville to battle the Dark Lord? (Maybe I'm misremembering things but I could've sworn I read something about Neville and Harry being born almost hours apart from each other and that had something to do with the prophecy Harry found in the Ministry. Can't find the passage now.)

*Why in the world is Brian a part of Dumbledore's extremely long name?
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As this is so late, it won't get posted to [livejournal.com profile] 31_days.

Title: You Can Always Be With Me
Day/Theme: January 16/It’s sane enough what I’m asking.
Series: Harry Potter
Character/Pairing: Ginny/Harry
Rating: G
Notes: Probably AU as this happens sometime before DH, but after the end of HBP.
(To be frank, she had always believed her older brother greatly exaggerated everything.) )


Oct. 20th, 2007 04:19 pm
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Dumbledore is gay.

Yayz!! But couldn't she have given us Remus...or possibly Sirius? Or possibly both?

I'm bored. And yet I'm up to my neck in homework. Maybe reading about WW1 will cheer me up...who knows?
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This is an alternative to [livejournal.com profile] hpgw100's theme 'Flying.' I tried it a second time to try to challenge myself to only 100 words. The alternative drabble can be found here. It's different from this one, but I like it all the same. ^^

Title: Girl versus Broom
Words: 557
Rating: G
Other characters/pairings: none
Warnings: none
Author's Notes: I always thought of brooms in the HP'verse as being kind of like cars; they have all these brands and models... Also, this is more of a vignette than a drabble. The alternative drabble can be found here. They're different fics, but both are based on the flying theme at [livejournal.com profile] hpgw100

Girl versus Broom )
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You know, the hardest part about being a twin is separating yourself from your twin individually.

I love my brother, truly I do but it's really hard to be my own person and to be independent because every time I turn around, he's there. Not that I'm complaining. But since he's my brother, he has the tendency to kinda be controlling when he's around me because he feels like he has to protect me.

I just want to feel like I can have one thing that's my own because he has his sports and his guitar and I don't have anything that's my own. We both have the same things- we are both great students. We both go to the gym. I like this part because it's the only fairness a twin can get (what he has, I have, what I have, he has) but besides that I am the same as my twin.

Well, there is one thing that separates us, and that's my love for fandom and Japanese music and shows. Yet, he still makes fun of me for that.

It really is hard being a twin. =<

(I know there are also perks to having a twin, but I just wanna dwell on the downside for a while.)

P.S. I envy all of you who have DH and are reading it/finished reading it. I would love you forever if you spoiled me. I like getting spoiled. ^^
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Fandom: Harry Potter

Title: You Left Me Longing For You

Rating: PG

Pairing: Ginny/Harry

Word Count: 244

Warnings: Spoilers for book #6: HBP.






That summer, after Ginny’s fifth year, was the hardest for the youngest Weasley. She had broken up with the boy whom she had a crush on since she first met him. It pained Ginny to let Harry go, but she understood that she had to. She didn’t want to be a clingy girlfriend.


But what she regretted the most was not being there with Harry---either as his girlfriend or his friend. So, she did the next best thing: she prayed every day for their safety for she figured if she couldn’t be there with them, she might as well keep them in her thoughts.


It was the only thing she could do. Fate hadn’t given her any other choice but to be obedient and not be on the frontlines of the impending war. She didn’t think that was fair at all, but if it was what Harry had wanted, she would do it. His happiness took precedence over hers.   


That didn’t mean that, once in awhile (or at least once a day), she didn’t long for Harry or cursed the war with all the foul knowledge she had. So at night she would hold a picture of him close to her chest, and she cried herself to sleep.


She believed, amidst all her pain and grief, that this had to end sometime. And she would be there with open arms to greet Harry, no matter whether he needed her open arms or not.


- END -



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So, it's already February and my brain hasn't squeezed out any writing. Well, it has squeezed out something, but not anything even remotely good. I'm working on a sequel to another one-shot of mine. I have the whole plot, the characters, and their interactions all formed in my head, and all ready to go...but it just won't come out well, and pretty, and readable! And if it's not up to my standards, then I usually abandon the whole thing, but with this story, I really want it to work out because it has the potential to be a good fic.

Oh, it'll drive me up the wall, I swear it will.


On another unrelated note, JK Rowling's site has some good news: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows will be released on Saturday July 21, 2007, which I'm not too excited about since this is the end. The end of Harry Potter (not literally in the book though, who knows what'll happen there).

The one thing (the one thing?!) that I'm wondering about is if HP will ever be thought of as a classic book? You know how the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Scarlet Letter, The Grapes of Wrath, etc are all classics? Well, it would be interesting if, say fifty, or a hundred years down the road, kids read this book in their classrooms, and discuss it. Harry Potter could be thought of as an intellectual book since it's filled with good Latin (that's what my Latin teacher says anyways), but, than on the other hand, it's the kind of book you read just for fun. You know?
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Alright, I have the insatiable urge to talk about HP for a bit. It's not really spoilerish- just theories and my takes on it, but there are tiny, weeny Half-blood Prince spoilers. I've indicated where they are so you can skip reading that, but mostly everything else is relatively safe.

I read what the title of the last Harry Potter book will be this morning in the newspaper. I did try to get it from J.K.'s site myself, but the majestically loaded site was not friendly. So, I had to cheat.

I don't want to have any expectations for the book. Because I don't want to drive myself crazy and, most likely, my theories won't be anywhere close to what will really happen.

But, I still have some theories. No matter how hard I try not to think about HP and the last book ever. My first most solid theory- that I've had since the second book really- is that Voldemort will die. He has to. For some reason, he has to die in this book. Really bite the dust this time. I don't think I'll like Rowling if she doesn't kill him. My brother seems to think that since Harry has a little bit of Voldemort in himself (courtesy of the scar), to kill Voldemort, Harry will need to kill himself as well. This seems pretty logical and I did like it the first time I heard it. But, I do think Harry will survive. And I think, once he finds an ingenious way to kill Voldemort, his scar will disappear in the end. But that's following the clue we have that the last word will be scar. His scar might heal. I do realize that it does sound pretty far fetched, but it's just a theory.

And on the whole thing about the two major characters dieing: it'll either be Snape or someone we don't expect....like Ginny. I think she might be the one who Voldemort kills one last time and, or, she sacrifices herself, so Harry can kill Voldemort. I'm not sure how this would exactly go about, but I'm just going with the theory that will make me bawl like a baby. This would be so sad, if Rowling decided to kill off Ginny or, actually, any one of the Weasleys (even Percy).I don't want anyone to die, but it seems pretty inevitable since it's a war.

I also think Wormtail might die. As well as probably Moody, and Remus. I also think Hogwarts will still be open. I don't think Harry will allow that to happen. Other horrible things have already happened there, and it's managed to remain open.

Oooh, all different kinds of outcomes about the end of this book are flying through my mind.

* Feel fee to add your cents in. I'm curious as to what other people think.*


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