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From: Smallville Season 11 (2012) #1
larger image: http://oi49.tinypic.com/2ib2a7d.jpg

I know this comic premiered digitally only in April, but the small crumbles we get of Chloe and Oliver are just too adorable to pass over. (Clark and Lois are adorable too and we can say now that there's one book at DCU that doesn't mind showing their happy lives together as a couple. Yes, I know DCU broke up their marriage with the reboot a while ago and I should be over it...and maybe I will be in a few years down the road.)

Smallville as a show was about Superman's/Clark Kent's roots in high school up to college and getting a job at The Daily Planet and this season 11 comic takes place six months after the finale of the show. The art is something you have to get used to, unfortunately, as the artist tries sometimes to have the characters resemble their real-life actor counterparts and sometimes they don't succeed very well. The art might get better once the artist gets into the groove but as it is here in this first issue, I kinda wish they'd just draw the characters in their own style instead of imitating the characters.
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This is in no way a respectable book blog but I don't think it matters - at least I hope it doesn't.

This meme is hosted by Anna at The Weekly Enthusiast.

1. CHLOE SULLIVAN-QUEEN (from Smallville)

Chloe was definitely a major reason why I got into Smallville only when it *ended* (because The New Adventures of Lois and Clark will forever and *always* remain my first beloved Superman show and I want nothing to take its place, but Smallville might up up there with it as my fave show about Superman/Clark). She's just so AWESOME AND BAMF AND I JUST WANT TO BE LIKE HER AND I WANT HER TO BE REAL DAMN IT WHY ISN'T SHE REAL *SOBBBING*

2. ZUKO (from Avatar: the Last Airbender)

I can't articulate very well why I love Zuko except to say that I love his journey in AtLA; I love what kind of a person he becomes by the end, how very complex his character was. (I didn't like him very much at the beginning but mid-s2 or something like that, I found myself becoming very sympathetic to him and by s3 I was completely smitten by him.)

3. BURTON GUSTER (from Psych)

I can't explain my love for Gus without descending into a squealing mass of incoherence and blubbering. I just - he's AWESOME. OK? Trust me, if you hate Gus, then there is seriously something wrong with you.

4. MYKA BERING (from Warehouse 13)

I think while I've talked about loving EVERY FREAKING CHARACTER that comes through WH13, the one character that I *both* adore to pieces and find myself relating to the most is Myka. And we all like seeing ourselves in fictional characters.

5. STEFAN SALVATORE (from The Vampire Diaries)

This show is...ridiculous at times. In good and bad ways. And I have a lot of ~feelings about it. But the one thing I will always know is that Stefan Salvatore is VERY AWESOME AND MY FAVORITEST (with Damon and Caroline and Bonnie and Elena and Jeremy and Rebekah and Tyler as my other favorites).
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I didn't get to all the Porn Battle prompt fills I wanted to get to, but am proud of the ones I did get to. So. There was that. Written for porn battle:

Disney Princesses

Romance Is Just Another Name for Friendship [Belle/Mulan]


Forgetting in the Rain [Kakashi/Iruka]


Every Breath is a Wonder [Chloe/Oliver]


Apparently, [livejournal.com profile] mcsmooch has integrated with [livejournal.com profile] non_mcsmooch to make [livejournal.com profile] sga_smooch now? yay! At least they won't delete the old comms.


I had a Shelfari account, which I loved because it displayed all your books on like a javascripted magical bookcase (other book sites don't have that, blah) but now I totally can't log in. *sad, pitiful noise* (Well, I actually can now, but I had to make a new account when I logged in with my Amazon account because, apparently, now you can log into the site with your Amazon account. I'm just really tired of other websites taking over and changing the login requirements. I don't use my Amazon account for anything other than it being a convenient "wish list".) Oh well, not like I'm good at finishing books I start or keeping an online log at these websites.


There's this wonderful article titled "Fandom is Magic" recounting one woman's introduction to fandom. And I'm always up for reading how others discover fandom and what kind of experiences they have - it's just such fascinating stuff. The one big thing I got from the article is that fandom is a safe haven, if you will, for marginalized groups, which I totally agree on, but it makes me wonder. Is that why I love to read and write slash stories? Is it because reading and writing slash fics means I'm somehow "fixing" what seems to be a "predominant heteronormative perspective"? I don't know. I'd just venture to say that it's more about characters and who I love to pair up together with and that romance is very fascinating to me and, compared to other genres, something I want to invest a lot of time reading and writing. (Not that I mean to say I don't like any other genres beside romance, because I do, but some genres speak to me more than others.)
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▲ Huh. Two different sites have written the same article concerning Ultimate Spider-Man #160. VERY BIG SPOILERS. Major things happen so don't click on the links unless you want to be MAJORLY spoiled. NPR story; HuffingtonPost. Color me intrigued, I might actually pick up this issue if I can.

♠ So went comic-book shopping again two weeks ago but in all the hub-bub between DC news and my utter disappointment over writing actually being torturous, I didn't get to talk about all the comics I got (which is something I can talk about forever and is my dearest wish to do so - talk about comics, that is).

X-Factor issues #:
Tiny Titans #40
and Young Avengers: Sidekicks (volume 1)

(Can you believe I still haven't actually found issue #217? It's bugging me very much.)

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(I still have some posts to write up, but I've been sitting on writing this one for the past two weeks, so I'll get to those later...)
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♦ a really cool Smallville census wherein there are cool pie charts and numbers concerning all the characters that came and went through Smallville in its decade. really awesome and I'd recommend a look if you're into numbers and stats and such. :D

♣ Y'know how you stumble onto something in life - like a certain hobby, or person, or expectation - and then you find out it's really not how you thought it was? I don't mean to be deliberately vague but this is hard for me to put into words, but I thought, what with this being the modern age and everything, that this sort of thing shouldn't happen. And that is DC ignoring its female readers. There's a Tumblr I've come to recently follow that says it much better than I could ever put into words, but to actually know that a major publisher of comics isn't really trying to target you as their readers? (by which I mean females like me) is just really shocking, to say the least. I think between Marvel and DC vying for my money, I'll gladly let Marvel win (even if they end up being like DC and totally ignoring their female readers as well). DC Comics to female readers: we’re just not that into you

[livejournal.com profile] ribbon_purple is hosting a low-pressure Stargate (Atlantis, SG-1, or SGU) badfic challenge. As far as I know, you can write any badfic your mind can come up with and stories/graphics will be due July 21. So, if you're fan of writing intentional badfics and Stargate, take a look, yeah?

▲ Still trying to get into a good writing groove, which seems to have...vanished mysteriously for me someplace, which is particularly vexing because I have fic deadlines here, y'know, muse. I think Tumblr is all to blame because that site seriously sucks all the time into some space vacuum where twelve hours go by and you've done nothing but liked/reblogged a thousand pictures. Which is not to say that site isn't awesome or anything and I love it - as I think it's a particularly good way for a budding comics fan to really get involved in the fandom and expand on it - but dude, such a time waster. Alas, that could be said for the whole invention of the Internet - it can make you smarter and expand your horizons if you've lived a sheltered life, but on the con side, makes you waste a whole day doing nothing useful.
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Guys, you have no idea how much I loved Prophecy! I mean, it was definitely one of the best Smallville episodes since Allison Mack left! Seriously, for the past five or so episodes since she left, Smallville has kinda been boring but now it feels like the old, good Smallville episodes. I know some fans hate it, which is understandable. (I hated Dominion even though we had shirtless!Tom Welling and shirtless!Justin Hartley and Zod came back but everyone loved it for those reasons, so you know, go figure...)

I also loved Kara - Clark's cousin - and Oliver teaming up to try to find the Bow of Orion to fight Darkseid. Definitely wish they could both team up again. The evil-but-not-knowing-he's-evil-Oliver though isn't welcome. It makes for some good television, I'll admit, when one of the good guys is becoming the very thing Clark and his merry band of superheroes are trying to fight, but I'm just worried for Oliver's character. I hope they don't kill him off. Seriously.

Also, I thought I'd love Jor-El (or more specifically Jor-El's voice since he's still a dead Kryptonian) but that guy is a bastard. Not an evil bastard but a bastard nonetheless. Y'know the one who says "I'm testing you and giving you all these hardships for your own good..." I believe Jor-El knows what he's doing but still...MAN, he FORCED Kara to leave. When she didn't know to and when she wanted to be in Clark's life because he's the only family she has left. MAN! Stupid Jor-El. And I know Kara has her own destiny in the comicsverse and that's awesome for her - to not be in Clark's shadow - but I think she can have an awesome destiny all her own and still be around her family. Really.

Ugh, this show.


In other news, I'm up before 10 a.m. - when I don't have to be. It's significant enough that it should be commented on. But, anyways, SMALLVILLE'S ENDINGGGGGG!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I will end lots of hugs on this day. :((((

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Still trying to process Dominion. And while it was awesome to see Justin Hartley back on Smallville after so many weeks of not seeing his character and behind the director's chair, the episode just didn't do anything for me, personally. Maybe it's mostly because I'm hating Oliver's storyline now. (And I miss Chloe.)

I dunno. I just think the finale will be a big let-down (what's that phrase? Oh ye of little faith.) and am trying to not have high expectations for it. (The show is ENDING in two weeks...Over, kaput...GAH!)

If I'm freaking out, just think what fans that have been devoted to the show since the beginning are feeling like...

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Behind a cut in case some people care not to read/be spoiled.

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I also stayed up until 4am last night/this morning watching the Empty Nest marathon the Hallmark channel had. I couldn't NOT watch it seeing as it was kinda, sorta a spin-off of The Golden Girls and I'm kinda weirdly in love with that show. (Seriously, why can't I find anyone else who loves it? Besides my mother that is. I know it's about four old women but they're four old women who totally ROCK.)


Man, I wish I cared to watch the Oscars just to see my celebrity boyfriend, James Franco, host (along with the awesomely lovely Anne Hathaway). They should totally be leads in a movie some day - they'd totally be hot.
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Firstly: some rambly thoughts on the recent SV episode.

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Secondly, I stumbled upon sign-ups for [community profile] romcomorama and signed-up - against my better judgment - to re-write "Ella Enchanted" in the Psych fandom. I guess I'm just nervous about it because I haven't exactly been in tip-top writing shape as of lately and I don't think I can write anything really long. (I've always known this though - that I don't write long epic stuff or am good at plot or action, am more of a character/dialogue sort of person, even going so far as to zone out even when there's action and fighting sequences in movies and tv. It's just not the kind of stuff that I'm into and why I don't watch a lot of action movies.) But the fest is really low-key and I love "Ella Enchanted" and it'll give me an excuse to re-watch it.

But, still, bah! A writing project! *kinda scared*
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(I had meant to post this review last week - and that's when I started writing it up...as you can see I failed. Trying again.)

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bullet list!
  • I really need to write porn. Why does writing fail me at such an awesome time?
  • Some "The Vampire Diaries" spoilers. Most of the things they spoil I could've predicted already. And some of the things they spoil, I wish wouldn't turn out true. Like that Stefan spoiler in particular. Didn't they already do that?
  • After avoiding "Smallville" for ten years, I'm totally hooked now. Reading summaries like these and catching up on the show is not helping. And I mostly watch just for two characters - Oliver and Chloe. Chloe, I know has been with the show since the beginning but she's been absent for most of the last season because the actress, Allison Mack, has other commitments and she's only going to be in five episodes for the last season which is sucky. Oliver is the Green Arrow in both the comics and the show and he's such a fascinating character because he's the only superhero on the show who doesn't have a superpower beyond just his human strength and agility. But really, I love all the characters and the guest stars that appear. I came for the Chloe/Oliver but I stay for the Lois/Clark, and Martha Kent and Tess Mercer and Emil the Doctor and Cyborg and Aquaman and Impulse and just gah. I know the fandom though is such an explosive place and I'm shocked at the hate that is sometimes heaped on Clark, who is the main character and therefore does get the major plot lines and the most screen time so y'know I understand that minor characters often get shafted and that's just how it goes with a show like this that brings in a lot of characters and plot lines but that is only a 40-minute show (60-minute if seen live).
  • School started last Tuesday and so far it's going great. I vowed to actually really buckle down and study and it's been going great. The trick is to not turn on this blasted laptop until I've finished everything and it actually works. So now I'd really like to make the Dean's list - at least for one semester - that'd be lovely.
  • I also mailed the application to the Nursing program at my uni and now I just have to wait, which is killing me. I have no idea if they'll send me a letter if they reject me or what or how long it'll take them to go through everything and reject or accept me and let me know. I told myself I wasn't going to obsess over it and whatever happens will happen but, ugh, just the wait is killing me.


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