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(I am a very huge anime dork, if you already didn't know.)
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Uh? What? Interesting.

Begs the question, why are people so obsessed with robots??

I also let in the kitty tonight and Dad's trying to get it to go home. I think it's hungary; keeps following you into the kitchen and looking at you with those big, feline eyes just begging you to give her something. I am such a sap...

I don't know why we have a strange cat coming everyday to our house. Seriously, Hanky-Panky (and that is what the collar says) just strolls in from the backyard door and lies somewhere, looking quite bored and as though she owns the place.

BUT I LOVE HER. (Or him, I honestly have no idea. *hangs head in shame*).

And s/he has the coolest golden eyes I have seen!! She is a very pretty kitty.
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You know, the hardest part about being a twin is separating yourself from your twin individually.

I love my brother, truly I do but it's really hard to be my own person and to be independent because every time I turn around, he's there. Not that I'm complaining. But since he's my brother, he has the tendency to kinda be controlling when he's around me because he feels like he has to protect me.

I just want to feel like I can have one thing that's my own because he has his sports and his guitar and I don't have anything that's my own. We both have the same things- we are both great students. We both go to the gym. I like this part because it's the only fairness a twin can get (what he has, I have, what I have, he has) but besides that I am the same as my twin.

Well, there is one thing that separates us, and that's my love for fandom and Japanese music and shows. Yet, he still makes fun of me for that.

It really is hard being a twin. =<

(I know there are also perks to having a twin, but I just wanna dwell on the downside for a while.)

P.S. I envy all of you who have DH and are reading it/finished reading it. I would love you forever if you spoiled me. I like getting spoiled. ^^
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So I was reading this Esme story this evening (Falling by Imogen) and I was wondering how Carlisle could have turned Esme into a vampire if she had all ready jumped off the cliff and killed herself. My question is, is it possible for a vampire in Ms. Meyer's vampire universe to turn someone if they're all ready dead? And how would that work exactly? Wouldn't something happen to your blood when you die? (I'm not sure exactly what would happen to your blood, but doesn't everything stop working?) And then when that question came to mind, I wondered how Carlisle knew to save/turn her?

Obviously, he turned her because he loved her and wanted to spend eternity with her, but when did he turn her? Is what I'm really getting at, I guess. Was it afterwards when someone realized that she had died, and Carlisle got the news from them? Or did he happen on her just minutes/hours after she jumped?

I don't think it's clear and I don't remember there being anything about it in the books. And obviously I'm curious to the point of obsession. Well, almost. ^^ I really wish there could've been/will be a bit more in the books about their history together. I'd definitely be happy.

Is it obvious that I've become a Carlisle/Esme nut right now? I think so. I just can't seem to get enough of these two. I dunno what's about them, but they grab my attention right now.

I was thinking of asking at one of the many Twilight fan communities that I joined/watch, but I don't wanna sound stupid if the answer happens to be staring me right in the face...
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I feel so restless these days. Like something big is gonna happen in my life. I feel so...edgy and anxious. But I know nothing big or exciting is going to happen in my life anytime soon.


So, I think, finally my [profile] twilightathon story is done. I always say that I'm done, but I always end up adding more to it. Not that I'm complaining.
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So that [profile] twilightathon story  is coming  together nicely.  So far I have over 1,000 words written and I'm now just trying to wrap it up because I think I have written everything that I have wanted to write. I just don't know how to end it...  I'm pretty excited about this Twilight story though;  unintentionally I have included a missing scene from Twilight ( well the prompt actually called for it) and answered some of my own questions  that I have had while reading and rereading Twilight to my own interpretation. I just hope that it makes sense...and that I don't actually screw up canon. Because I like the canon.

I'm really worried about my characterization. Good characterization is everything to me. That's what really makes a fic either good or bad from my point of view. It might have a few grammatical/spelling mistakes, but I can easily overlook those because I can forget about what sort of mechanical error the author had, but if the character isn't similar to its fandom counterpart, it'll turn me off the story. I'm in the fandom because I like those characters how the original author had intended them to be, and if you mess with those characters' traits without any reasonable explanations or visible growth throughout the fic, If the author doesn't pay much attention to her/his characters, and just makes them say whatever without questioning if they're IC or OOC, that won't make the story perfect to me. No matter if it's perfectly polished in everything else...I'll only remember the characters and their actions from the story. That's what will stick out in my mind.

I'm really worried about my characterization here because it involves me writing the Cullen family together and some of them are deep, complex persons and I don't want to mess with the personalities that Ms. Meyer gave them...because that's why I fell in love with them in the first place.

I want to write them the way Ms. Meyer would write them. I guess that's asking for too much? 
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I joined [profile] twilightathon a week ago, not really intending to write anything for it, mostly because none of the prompts grabbed me, but then I kept looking at them and going over them and one magically did grab me and I have planned to write something for it, but eh, me and planning never really went hand in hand.

I have written around 300 words for it all ready and now I'm stuck. I was feeling really comfortable and confident with this prompt and then this roadblock comes up. Oh vey.

I love this prompt and I love the idea, now I just need to put it down in words damnit!

But, anyway, please consider joining [profile] twilightathon and taking a prompt, if you're a fan of Twilight & New Moon.

-Chandler, you're panicking.
-Join me, won't you?

--- Friends

Jus' cos I thought it was a fitting quote- for me.
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I'm just curious as to who would read recs by me. /Rhetorical question since it doesn't really matter to me either way.

I'm thinking of starting a reccing journal mostly because I'd like to give it a try.  I like reading fics and I like talking about them. Of course, there wouldn't be a lot of them in one post- I don't have a lot of time for fic reading. 

I've actually been thinking about this since last summer, but I haven't really implemented it mostly because of my laziness, but if I don't try it soon, I will burst. (I have the tendency to try everything that pops into my head, even though some ideas I know are not going to work out for me.)

So, I think that's going to start sometime in February. I still have some thinking to do about it and some decision making as to how I'd go about this. Not that I like overthinking anything, but in this case it's needed since, if I don't plan how to rec, I'd be changing the format and everything else that goes along with it about every week or so. And changing everything all the time will make me iratted with myself. My indecisiveness is my pet peeve.

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Well, NaNoWriMo is finally over...

And I have managed to squeeze out only 1,111 words. I don't know what it was. Lack of motivation? Writer's block? Laziness?(Maybe everything?) But I don't feel too bad about it. It was just for fun. (And all of you wordy authors out there, I hate you all now, just thought you should know................ J/k! ^_^)

 But I do promise to do better next year. I've already decided it's going to be a fanfiction story and not a original one. See, I didn't know that you *could* do fanfiction. Thought it was solely original. Boy, that messed me up. And this current story that's a bit over a thousand words will never see daylight again. Well, maybe it might if one day, per chance, I happen to get really inspired on it and finish it in one sitting (or more). But, as of right now, it doesn't look that way. And there will also be an outline this time to help me because, um, I think I really need it. Hehe.

Speaking of unfinished stories, a new comm to get you writers who have WIPs to finish them opened up. Join [profile] fic_off . It's run by [personal profile] aishuu, and sign-ups are open until December 31st, and then you have until January 31st to finish your work(s) in progress. I would join, but I don't think I can hold up the committment to finish anything I've started. Yes, I'm that lazy. And WIPs terrify me! I have to work on them on my own time and at my own pace. If I joined something that said I *had* to finish it, I would have to finish it. *scary thought* I'm weird like that, but, anyways, if you have unfinished fics or original stories, and you're not afraid to work on them diligently, you should definitely join.

And I'm terribly sick right now, but I have soooo much stuff to start on. Mostly academic stuff. I think I should get off my behind now and start them. I've been sleeping all day, now it's time for some work. Blah. <''>

New Moon

Aug. 30th, 2006 04:58 pm
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*does a little happy dance*

I finally have the sequel to Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, New Moon in my possession!

I thought I was going to have to wait until Sept.6, but five days ago, I called a bookstore I live nearby and the guy said he had a copy, but that he sold it already and that he was going to call me when another copy arrived. Well, about two today he called, and my brother took his bike and went to get it for me. (He had to buy a history book for his AP History class there as well, so he volunteered to get my book for me.)

I'm in love now. With a book.

I'll buy Twilight someday too, so I can have my own copy to gush over. And I'll also buy Eclipse next year when it's published. I'll have my own little library of Stephenie Meyer books.

I'm getting excited just thinking about it. :)

Now, I have to get back to reading it and gushing over all that is lovely.
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So, I want to get my own laptop. The problem: a laptop that I want costs around $1,000. Now, I have $500 saved up already. And I just need to save $500 more. So, I figured that I'll need to work for six months to save up that much more. (Assuming I can learn to say "no," when people ask me for money.)

I think it's a reasonable goal. And I *need* my own computer. Seriously, brothers can get pretty possessive. *grumbles to self*

In other news, fam & I went school shopping this afternoon. Long story short, it was a very difficult three hours. Mostly because there were three very stubborn, argumentive people crammed into one tiny dodge stratus. And it was very humid and I was hungary as a horse.

And now I shall watch some comedy to make me feel better.
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I hate braces.

I hate waking up at 6:30 in the morning everyday.

I hate that it's 15 degrees here.

I hate that my room is cold.


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