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Everyone should post their ten most CRUCIAL CRUCIAL CRUCIAL-ASS movies, like the movies that explain everything about yourselves in your current incarnations (not necessarily your ten favorite movies but the ten movies that you, as a person existing currently, feel would help people get to know you) (they can change later on obviously).
  1. The Princess Bride
  2. Ever After
  3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame 
  4. Beauty and the Beast 
  5. Star Wars
  6. Harry Potter movies
  7. Fight Club
  8. Mrs. Doubtfire
  9. Jumanji
  10. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
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+ I am kinda sad not a whole lot of you are on LJ anymore, but I get it. The site has not been user-friendly for a number of years, and people need to do what people need to do. But LJ and DW are, I think, the only platforms that invite intimate conversations about our daily lives. Twitter is good for snippets and random thoughts that pop into your head, sure, but not conducive to lengthy conversations without feeling like you'd break Twitter, and/or annoying if you have to go over the character limits, and Tumblr is unwieldy re: personal texts, and writing, imho. Tumblr's mostly good for graphics and music. Not that Tumblr /can't/ be used for text posts, but the archive system is shit and I can never reply to people's post because the site is not made for such things. (I mean, I /can/ reply but it entails me going to my dashboard, and I never scroll through my dashboard anymore because I'd never get out of tumblr if I did that, so now if I want to reblog/like things on tumblr, I go to the individual tumblrs themselves and that's not conducive to replying, is what I meant). I have friended a number of you lovely people on DW, so there's that. What I'm saying is, I'll be here, if people find themselves wandering back around or visiting for the first time. I'll be like that one grandmother who loves to hang out on the porch, and wave at random people passing by.

+ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie is getting a reboot! I can't see this news as being anything other than awesome because a whole new generation of Power Rangers fans! What's there not to like?

+ an archive of our own meme snagged from sarken:
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» Actors who I love are continuing to say dismissive and hurtful things: Tyler Posey had this to say about Sterek. Dude, I get being bitter and resentful, but that's crossing a line.*

*I'm still not over that Clark Gregg interview where he insinuated that people giving up on Agents of SHIELD because it didn't feature Thor or Stark or anyone else from The Avengers/Marvel-in-general were "losers".

» Speaking of Marvel, I'm so freaking ecstatic I'm not the only one who'd give up a first-born to see a Runaways movie being made, or the only one still getting up every day and asking myself, is today the day I get my Runaways movie?* Drew Pearce and how Marvel's Runaways are more like The Godfather in tone. I mean both BKV, and Whedon have written for this comic, get on that Marvel people.

*I mean Runaways the comic here--six teenagers with powers who find out their parents are all evil, and run away to forge their own path, not the Dakota Fanning movie about female rockers.
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Whoooo! Got my assignment for troublesfest2013 yesterday. Now it's time to panic. I mean, I do like my assignment, but it's just a matter of catching up with the source material and trying to come up with something that's not terrible.


I also watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows yesterday. Read more... )
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Have my exploded, disjointed thoughts on the film:

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Um, it's possible I might have a lot of Star Trek thoughts? Oops.

Also, I do not have any ST icons on here; that distresses me.
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I'm catching up on Castle on my break (have just s3 to go and then I'll all be caught up for s5 come September. yessss! finally. then it'll be time to catch up on other tv shows and foreign dramas. SERIOUSLY. SO. MUCH. TV. SO LITTLE TIME.) And also, sporadically, catching up on movies too.

Tonight (well this morning - it's late/early here), I finally watched Sherlock Holmes for the first time.

Just a quick review (no spoilers, just pretty general comments) -




I mean, I knew it would be. I remember seeing the trailers and absolutely getting the sense that this would be a fun film to watch but I TOTALLY DID NOT KNOW HOW MUCH OF AN AWESOMELYTASTIC FUN MOVIE IT WAS. (No, awesomelytastic is totally a word, shuddup.)

I really thought I'd love just Sherlock and John here, but the love I now carry for Irene Adler did come out of left field and left me surprised in a good way. Have I raved here how very much I love Rachel McAdams? Because I do. I think she's an awesome actress.

The ending was awesome too, left it at just the right place to make you as the viewer feel satisfied but also to seque nicely into the sequel.

I think that's just all I have to say? The movie, overall, was just freakin' fantastic and I loved every minute of it and was not bored and did not pause at all for long periods of time like I do for the vast majority of movies I watch by myself.
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Meme hosted by Anna from The Weekly Enthusiast.

1. The Princess Bride
I remember the first time I watched this movie: I was sick with a fever and lying in bed, flipping through the channels and I randomly stopped on this movie. I had no idea what it was called or what it was about but I was HOOKED. (Which is why this movie is my go-to comfort movie.)

2. Star Wars (all six)

My twin brother and I are HUGE SW freaks (I say that lovingly). It's pretty much the only franchise beside Harry Potter that we bond over and I have precious memories of marathoning these movies during the summer with him (and whenever SpikeTV has its marathons and he's home).

3. UP

I have this thing where...in my RL I try to hide the fact that I am such a Disney girl (because with only two brothers for sibling companionship...let's just say I've endured a lot of teasing for my Sailor Moon and chick-flick love. Not horrible teasing but just silly teasing that brothers love to heap on their sisters. And I preceded to retaliate by hitting my brother. xD;) But this is one of those movies where they tug at your heartstrings and you'd just feel like a dead person if you didn't try to make the people in your life watch it.

4. The Mummy

I have only watched the second sequel (The Mummy Returns? I think?) but the first one will always remain one of my favorite movies and a movie I would be proud to foist on other people.


Pretty much why I have UP on this list too - because these two Disney/Pixar movies make you a *better* person by mere contact with them.

I also would've included Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Aladdin but I didn't want just Disney movies to overtake the list too much. And I have insane love for Young Frankenstein.


comics haul for 18 April )
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Star Trek (2009)

I really loved this film. I did. It was awesome and had A LOT of awesome people I had seen in previous movies/just loved in public generally. And it was just AWESOME. No, really. I CAN'T STRESS ENOUGH HOW VERY FUN THIS MOVIE IS.

But it also made me very uncomfortable.

wherein I ramble about TWO very major things that made this movie less enjoyable for me )

And I'm really just totally in love with Scotty. (Stupid Simon Pegg. Stop being awesome.) So that's all that needs to be said about that.

I really did love this movie. It was fantastic, just you know - not the above.
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So there was a lot of catching up on movies. (Reviewed in the order they were watched.)

Morning Glory
I love Rachael McAdams and that's a guarantee that I'll like pretty much ANYTHING she's in and this movie is no exception. It was fantastic. I liked that it focused more on Rachel McAdams' character and not so much on the romance. I mean, there was SOME romance but it didn't take over the whole film. I hate the idea that a woman can't be successful and have a hot guy too. She (generic) can and this film delivers wonderfully on that.

Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton were awesome too.

Tom Selleck!

I like Katherine Heigl, I do, but this movie made ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. It was trying to be a cool spy movie, and - granted - it did have some awesome action but I felt like it tried to be way too many things at once, like it wasn't satisfied just being a rom-com when just being a rom-com was all it needed to pass muster. Like, I have no idea what the father's role was exactly. Was he the target Spencer was supposed to kill in the beginning? How did he know that Spencer was a trained killer? What was Holbrook doing at the hotel?

Also, I think that's why the mother drinks so much, and is kinda a loopy-head (trying to be nice) - she's trying to cope with having probably found out a long time ago that her husband was a trained killer or working for the government as a trained killer or whatever the hell he did (see this movie confuses me so much because it felt like a mish-mash of stuff that never really went together or was explained properly. Although one particular scene did remind me of Hot Fuzz a little bit, where the whole town practically turns on Simon Peggs' main character - Ashton Kutcher's character even says at one point, "Isn't anyone not trying to kill me?" Which was one of the most memorable quotes).

I dunno. Maybe I didn't like the extreme violence, although what extreme violence was doing in a rom-com I have no idea.

I Hate Valentine's Day
Nia Vardalos and John Corbett!!! I love them. And I love that they reunited for this movie as the main romantic leads too. And yet this movie...still flopped? I mean I wanted to LOVE it so much but I couldn't. (Clearly, My Big Fat Greek Wedding will forever remain their best movie together.)

Um. I still haven't finished it yet though, TBQH. It's probably an average rom-com at best, and if you've seen one average rom-com, you've seen them all. It's an 89 minute film, and I only watched like 15 minutes of it. Ah. Maybe I'll come back to it someday and finish it.

From Prada to Nada
So, this is a modern adaptation of Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility and while I haven't watched S&S yet (any versions - that's why I haven't watched it yet - SO MANY VERSIONS TO CHOOSE FROM WHERE DOES ONE START?). I loved this. It was AWESOME. And, well - just awesome is the only way to describe it really. I pretty much zipped through watching it when I woke up. I loved its pace and that it was a really simple story but not at all boring. I loved both of the sisters and each of the men the sisters hooked up at the end. I loved all the background characters (except Olivia and Lucy, but they weren't all that fleshed out in terms of characterization to begin with so I don't feel too bad about it).


(What I find kinda funny in a sad way is that Netflix has Iron Man 2 streaming, but they don't have the first Iron Man movie streaming. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? Who wants to see the second movie streaming before having seen the first one?)
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  • Terra Nova continues to be awesome. I love pretty much everybody on it. I just wish they could tell us more about what the year 2149 was like. I know we know the gist of it, but some flashbacks wouldn't be remiss, show. And I know the point of the show isn't that the characters dwell in the past, but look to the future, and yadda-yadda ya, but if they don't look to the past every once in a while, they'll end up making the same mistake. And there won't be a rift in the time-space continuum then that they can escape to. Just sayin'.
  • Sped through the first season of Spooks/M1-5 which was kinda easy for me since it was only six episodes. I have spoiled myself on the subsequent seasons and if it weren't for Rupert Penry-Jones and Richard Armitage appearing in later seasons, I'd just give up now.
  • Psych is back!! Yay. The show is kinda ridiculous in a campy, I-don't-think-that's-quite-how-you-do things sort of way, but I love that it can be a silly crime show. You can laugh for an hour and I appreciate that. The sixth season premiere episode was so freaking awesome.
  • There was fic posted over the weekend. cover the earth with roses (Persuasion) and I told her all my heart (North & South). They're really short but I've found it's quite hard to try to write for period dramas if you totally don't want to be OOC (for either the characters or time period).
And I continue to watch way too much tv and movies. I blame Netflix. That devil.

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Ugh, I hate now how your gmail and youtube accounts are both linked. Because I have a gmail address but I also have a separate University email address that I only use for school but that's now linked to Google as well. The first year of college, all the student emails were on the campus server or whatever but now it's on the Google server, which before I didn't have any feelings either way. But now to log into YT you have to use your gmail address - or at least I do - they don't accept just user names anymore and so to use YT, I have to sign out of my univ address and into my Gmail address and ugh, it just makes things so much more frustrating.


I went and saw Deathly Hallows Part II last night with my brother and his fiancee (twin brother, Monkey, is off at summer camp teaching little kiddies lacrosse).

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Have read my first comic about Batman. And honestly? Going into this issue about Batman and Robin, I had no idea what I was getting into but from the second page, it was clear this was not the Batman I had come to know through osmosis in popular culture. But I really, really love the artwork and hear Jim Lee is a genius, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

A quick summary: All-star Batman and Robin, Boy Wonder volume one starts when Dick Grayson's parents are murdered and Bruce Wayne takes him on as his protege - well, actually, more like kidnaps him and takes him to his Batcave to train him as his sidekick. The Joker and Catwoman are up to something. And women get murdered.

Some thoughts:

Read more... )


Unrelated to comics but, I saw this review of the Nick & Nora films (The Thin Man saga) linked and having heard of Nick & Nora before, read the entire article and was totally blown away. This totally sounds like a movie I'd appreciate seeing! :D (Now if only I could find the movies somewhere...legally, I mean.)
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Saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 this afternoon with my brothers and my older brother's girlfriend. My older brother doesn't read the books, just watches the movies (or in this case just one movie before this one) so he came into the story not knowing a lot of the stuff. On the way home, it was my twin brother and me talking over each other, explaining things to older brother. (My twin does not summarize things too well and I meticulously try to summarize from beginning to end.)

And, regarding the movie, I cried during the graveyard scene when Harry's at his parents' grave but didn't cry during Dobby's death. Which I don't find too surprising. I always cry whenever something about Harry's parents are mentioned but not during any of the deaths (didn't cry when Sirius died either and he's my favorite character so I have no idea why death doesn't make me cry in this movie but mention something sad and I weep like a baby).

Remus and Tonks were awesome in the beginning too, even if I don't ship them. And Bill was hot! I think he and Fleur make one hot couple. George and Fred continue to be awesome, as always. :D

The Ron and Hermione scenes were awkward in the best possible way. He so loves her! But can't tell her without being an idiot about it! And making her be mad at him all the time. I so seriously wanted her to hug him when he came back after destroying the locket. What a missed opportunity! But I also think it's in character that she hits him so *shrugs* I love Ron & Hermione both in the movies and books while I'm mostly a Harry/Ginny shipper in the books. Yeah, their scenes don't make me giddy like Ron's and Hermione's but I still totally love them. (Maybe Rowling just writes their romance better than the producers can show it on the screen? That's my theory.) And when the locket showed him that Harry-and-Hermione-kissing moment, I wanted to hug him.

Everyone in the theater laughed at Fleur's "Look away, Bill, I'm hideous" and I thought it was funny too, how he comes to stand behind her and looks kinda distraught at his wife-to-be polyjuicing herself into a man.

The one thing that shocked me was how old everyone looked. Not like old-old but older than they were in previous films - at least to me. (And Rupert Grint really filled out nicely into a muscular but not too buff young man - yeah, there were a lot of shallow thoughts throughout this movie).

So yeah it was AWESOME and felt way too short and I didn't want it to end.

Oh and, I loved the previews of The Green Hornet and The Green Lantern and The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (still need to watch Prince Caspian - guh! so many movies, so little time~!)
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Here are all the movies you guys recommended I watch:

1) When in Rome (2010)
2) Dead Again (1991)
3) The Losers (2010)
4) What About Bob? (1991)
5) Empire of the Sun (1987)
6) Now and Then (1995)
7) Memento (2000)
8) The Breakfast Club (1985)
9) Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)
10) The Visitor (2007) [rec'd on Dreamwidth]
11) Mysterious Skin (2004) [rec'd on Dreamwidth]

yay!! I'm really excited to see all of these awesome movies! (And, in the case of The Breakfast Club, rewatching them!)


I'm also thinking of signing up for [livejournal.com profile] sga_santa, have no idea why as these things tend to make me panicky and flaily and all over the place. But I can't seem to say no.
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I'm gonna propose a game. You all are going to recommend a movie to me. Doesn't matter what movie it is - chances are I probably haven't seen it - SOOO GO CRAZY. Mainstream/blockbusters, black & white, foreign, indie, all's game.


The only thing is you can't say/write anything about the movie (if it's cheesy or good or so awesome how could I have not SEEN it YET or whatever) - JUST LINK TO A TRAILER OR EMBED IT IN THE COMMENTS AND LET THE TRAILER SPEAK FOR ITSELF.

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SUPPOSEDLY if you’ve seen over 70 of these films, you have no life. Mark the ones you’ve seen. There are 239 films on this list.Put x’s next to the films you’ve seen, add them up, change the header adding your number, and submit post at the bottom. Have fun.

HAHAHAHA - I think this is totally wrong. I think it should be the other way around - if you've seen less than 70 of these films, then you have no life (like me :D) (I think the horror section killed me [uh - no pun intended?] because I've only ever seen one and that's about one too many for me. I am a WUSS, really.)

movies...lots of movies  )

Things That Are Annoying Me Greatly

= Stupid Itunes and its need to get updated what seems like every month. And every month, I have no idea what version of Itunes I'm gonna get. I wouldn't get the updates, honestly, but the download prompt is insistent and won't let you be in peace until you download it. So you have no choice but to download the updates. That stupid, clever Itunes. *sticks tongue out*

= The fact that a band I love and subsequently have been listening to my whole life, the Goo Goo Dolls, is going to be in MY STATE, IN MY CITY next month. You know how often that happens? How often the stars and planets align perfectly and a big name band like that comes to this small, piddly-diddly town?? NEVER! Now, NORMALLY this wouldn't annoy me (I WOULD BE SHRIEKING FOR JOY AND WHEN I FOUND OUT FOR A MOMENT I WAS) but it's on a Tuesday and at 7:30, and I don't get out of class on Tuesdays until 7:10. Blah, blah, blabbity blah!! Why couldn't they come on a Friday or Saturday or even a Sunday??? WHYYYYYYY?

= School in general. That first week was OK and everything but it's all going to go downhill from here.
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This is that movie quotes meme thing that's been going around. Taken from quite numerous strange people. ~!~

1. Pick 15 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDB and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Fill in the film title once it's guessed.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDB search functions.

I think they're all pretty easy to figure out...At least I tried to not make them that hard.

On that note, there should be like a book meme. Hmmm...
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I- I kinda want this, only IT'S NOT REAL!!

Oy, only in the Twilight fandom.

Now, it just makes me dread the real movie because, apparently, it's not as good as all the fanpeople make it with their fake movie posters and choices of casting.

Because now I'm used to Emily Browning as Bella and Gaspard Ulliel as Edward...But, but they're not the real movie cast!! (And on the flip side, I can't see Kristen Stewart as Bella or Robert Pattinson as Edward. It's not that I have anything against them, they're as lovely as Emily & Gaspard in my mind as actors, but whenever I went browsing through the Twilight communities, it was always Gaspard & Emily on icons and manips playing Edward & Bella. After awhile, I started seeing that too. How do you switch on your brain so that Kristen & Robert seem perfect for the roles?)

My head has been hurting all day, hopefully it'll stop by tomorrow.
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Oh, August Rush looks so romantic!!!!

Ahh, I want to see it so bad...but I don't think I can rope my brothers into seeing a chick-flick romantic movie with me!!

Arrrggg, it's at times like these that I really wish I had a sister whom I can relate the romantic in me with.

All the movies my brothers want to see have to involve something getting blown up/someone getting their arm or limb getting chopped off/Satan killing everyone or something to those extents. Which, honestly, aren't my movie tastes. (Well, I won't turn down a scary movie, but only if I can watch it with the lights on...)

Oh, well...



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