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Nov. 2nd, 2013 07:30 pm
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Overall, I thought this was a much better ep than "Lay Me Down", although that's not saying much because I still think everyone has been so wildly out of character so far this season. But I guess I should let it go because it is a new season and things have changed, and I can't expect them to remain the same characters. I acknowledge that, but I could still do without the stupidity that's been plaguing some of the characters.

The trouble of the week was very cool, though. Terrifying, but cool. And I love that Audrey/Nathan have consummated their relationship. Yayyy! After three long seasons of UST, it's about damn time. And 'm so happy about Duke/Jennifer too.

Still sad about Jordan being gone. Vince and Dave continue to be the best thing about Haven, imho. I wish we could find out if they're Troubled or not.

I'm behind on Elementary and Castle, and might not get caught up until next week. The last two weeks have just been essays, essays, essays, midterm, and one more essay due this Tuesday so that's all my head could handle.


I was the only younger looking person at the Q&A at the O'Brien Poetry Event Friday featuring Charles Simic. It made me feel extremely self-conscious, but I got through it.

The bad news is I left before I got an autograph, but it's okay. It was just great seeing him speak and read. I brought a new book of his poetry at Longfellows, which is what screwed me from buying a pre-autographed book they had at the event. I guess I'll just chalk this up to a learning experience, and not berate myself.

a poem )
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"A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire1, of a Child in London
Dylan Thomas

Never until the mankind making
Bird beast and flower
Fathering and all humbling darkness
Tells with silence the last light breaking
And the still hour
Is come of the sea tumbling in harness

And I must enter again the round
Zion2 of the water bead
And the synagogue of the ear of corn
Shall I let pray the shadow of a sound
Or sow my salt seed
In the least valley of sackcloth to mourn

The majesty and burning of the child's death.
I shall not murder
The mankind of her going with a grave truth
Nor blaspheme down the stations of the breath
With any further
Elegy of innocence and youth.

Deep with the first dead lies London's daughter,
Robed in the long friends,
The grains beyond age, the dark veins of her mother,
Secret by the unmourning water
Of the riding Thames.
After the first death, there is no other.

1 During the firebombing of London, known as the Blitz, in World War II
2 Heaven (from a Palestinian citadel, the nucleus of Jerusalem)


Also, if anyone feels obliged indulging me - what are your favorite sad songs? I'm compiling a playlist of sad songs to listen to while writing (because I've found having the right music on in the background is the perfect catalyst to be in the right mood for what I need to be writing) . This brought to by my creative writing teacher who gave us "little coffin" as this week's writing prompt. Yes, I don't think I'm clever enough yet to make that a *humorous* story so might as well cave in and try to make my whole class sob as much as possible. It's possible that I am a little evil. But only a little. :D

So far my list includes:

Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss"
Scorpions "Wind of Change"
Stone Sour's "Through Glass"
Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On"
Sia's "Breathe Me"
Birdy's "Skinny Love" and "Shelter"
Snow Patrol's "Run"
James Blunt's "Goodbye My Lover" (which doesn't help if you've seen Ten/Rose fanvids set to this song)
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"The Madness Vase" 
Andrea Gibson

The nutritionist said I should eat root vegetables.
Said if I could get down thirteen turnips a day
I would be grounded, rooted.
Said my head would not keep flying away
to where the darkness lives.

The psychic told me my heart carries too much weight.
Said for twenty dollars she’d tell me what to do.
I handed her the twenty. She said, “Stop worrying, darling.
You will find a good man soon.”

The first psycho therapist told me to spend
three hours each day sitting in a dark closet
with my eyes closed and ears plugged.
I tried it once but couldn’t stop thinking
about how gay it was to be sitting in the closet.

The yogi told me to stretch everything but the truth.
Said to focus on the out breath. Said everyone finds happiness
when they care more about what they give
than what they get.

The pharmacist said, “Lexapro, Lamicatl, Lithium, Xanax.”

The doctor said an anti-psychotic might help me
forget what the trauma said.

The trauma said, “Don’t write these poems.
Nobody wants to hear you cry
about the grief inside your bones.”

But my bones said, “Tyler Clementi jumped
from the George Washington Bridge
into the Hudson River convinced
he was entirely alone.”

My bones said, “Write the poems.”


Welp...that's it. Rejected for the second time for the Nursing program. What the hell is wrong with me? Why won't they accept me?
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I have no morning classes this semester which is yay!!! I have packed three in one day (Thursday) though but I can handle three classes once a week. NO. MORNING. CLASSES. I'm just gonna let that sink in for a bit.

So most classes are English (and one Bio lab class that I *should've* taken with the Bio class my freshman year but I was a dunce then, didn't know that most science classes consisted of a lab + lecture component) and this other class (something called Ocean Planet, I have no idea what it's about but it was the only open class that meshed with my schedule) I took just because the parents are making me take five classes to be considered a full time student. Taking five English classes in one semester is not smart so I needed a bit of variety for the two classes that aren't going toward my (new) major. (One of the English classes is Creative Writing so that might just leave two hard classes with a lot of reading/assignments. Another is Intro to Literary Studies and another is Poetry - the genre.)

Of course classes start today and I still haven't picked up my books. I was going to go Friday but then we experienced a mini blizzard and I just opted for staying inside and lazying on the couch. I'll go after my one class today and then I wanted to buy one or two new books just for leisure reading but I have to order them - don't think this particular bookstore will have them in stock there already - so I have no idea when I'll pick those up (assuming they order them for me).


a seasonal meme that I should've posted way before this:

In 2012, moon_destiny resolves to...
Lose ten tsubasa crossovers by March.
Volunteer to spend time with teen titans.
Find a better fallen.
Get back in contact with some old museums.
Go to music every Sunday.
Drink four glasses of manga every day.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

and this popular meme that's going around:

Pick up the nearest book to you.
Turn to page 45.
The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

"It was, of course, a ridiculous idea that Mr. Darnay would not notice whether she was there or not - Sue chuckled over it herself at the time - but she found, as the day wore on, that her idea was not very far from the sober truth."

In context, this quote is oddly appropriate for my sex life in 2012.
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(I know I updated yesterday, but, man, is this getting to be a stressful month and I just need somewhere to vent.)

- So, upon the tragic death of Dr. N, we didn't have class Monday or Tuesday of this week - neither the lab nor the lecture - and today was our first return to the lecture classroom since we heard about his death. And everybody is pretty much up in arms because here we are, a week before we have to take both the lecture and lab final on a very hard subject, and we didn't cover all the material (we were close to it but we didn't finish) and so we're like floundering fish on dry land.

The difficulty is no one knows what's happening now or how we can continue the normalcy for the short time we have left of microbiology. We have a professor come in - a very close friend of Dr. N's - who told us of Dr. N's death and who's going to be teaching the last few classes there are left. But while he was a very good friend of Dr. N's and knows pretty much a good portion of what Dr. N's system was, the truth of it is that he is NOT Dr. N. And therein lies the problem and hardships.

But apparently everyone else was like, "We pay money to go here, and this is not acceptable. There should be a procedure in place for when something like this happens and blah blah yadda yadda ya." God, like all these people can think about is money and I get that it's before finals week and everyone's stressed and we're all freaking out and this is college and not free education but god, again, the world is not just about us. But we are apparently a very selfish species.

- And I apparently need an English adviser. Frick. (Well, to be fair, Rodney did tell me this when I told him I wanted to pick a major, so it's not like it's surprising but I was hoping if I pretended to not know, it'd go away. Hint: it hasn't - they just e-mail you). I'm so not good at talking to professors - or ANYBODY for that matter.

- I had an extra cup of coffee today because I'm apparently useless after 10 pm and just pass out because my body apparently hates me and I can't stay up past midnight anymore. I have no idea what that is about. Except now I'm jittery and like I want to run a marathon; I am sure the crash will happen soon-ish and I will pass out and not finish studying and that will make me feel guilty in the morning. And I've been making flashcards since about five pm this afternoon and just for one class AND IT IS NEVER ENDING. SERIOUSLY IT WILL NEVER END AND I WILL LOSE WHAT'S LEFT OF MY SANITY.

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So a few weeks ago when I went to see my adviser to pick out my classes for next semester, I also, spontaneously decided to pick my major. Because it was time, seeing as I'm in my junior year of undergrad and well, I've already finished the core requirements and most of the prerequisites for Nursing (there's one that I haven't taken that's called like Concepts in Nursing Research or whatever...which, blahhhhhhhhh research. The bane of my existence. Might take that next fall).

So, anyways, I decided that I was going to choose English as my major. And Holistic health as a minor. But I really wish I could've chosen Holistic health as a major and English as a minor or...but whatever this will do.

But, hold on, you're thinking to yourself (or at least that's what you do in my head), didn't you want to be a Nursing major?

Well, yes, yes, I did.

AND I'M TOTALLY NOT GIVING UP ON BEING A NURSE. Because now that it's, like, actually TOUGH as nails to get in, I've decided that my calling - the one thing that will make my LIFE SO INFINITELY HAPPIER and WHICH WILL GIVE ME A HIGHER PURPOSE ON THIS EARTH THAN SLEEPING IN LATE AND BUMMING AROUND LIKE A...BUMMER-LIKE PERSON - IS TO BE A PEDIATRICS NURSE (OR A NURSE OF ANYTHING WILL DO). And I'm not giving up on this dream, but while I reapply to USM's nursing program and sit on my thumbs while they dangle my fate in their hands, I'm just gonna think about getting a degree in English. Because I like English. I'm a book worm (even if...um, the last time I read a book for fun was something Meg Cabot-related and I speed-read through it because my mind has been high-jacked by important medical textbook reading) and English was always my best/favorite class in grade school.

So, y'know, even if getting an English degree was like plan...H, I'm gonna go ahead and see what happens on that front. (Or maybe I'll initiate my plan B - which is to try to get accepted to another school's Nursing program even if I have to move away and become a transfer student...but that's not something I'm ready for yet. And I don't have to think about Plan B until like April - when, again, USM School of Nursing decides if they want to rip out my heart and stomp on it.)

(My parents...bless them..were like, "so what can you do with an English degree?" I feel like that's what they're gonna be asking me for the rest of my life.)

Sigh. Well, that was long and rambly.
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bullet list!
  • I really need to write porn. Why does writing fail me at such an awesome time?
  • Some "The Vampire Diaries" spoilers. Most of the things they spoil I could've predicted already. And some of the things they spoil, I wish wouldn't turn out true. Like that Stefan spoiler in particular. Didn't they already do that?
  • After avoiding "Smallville" for ten years, I'm totally hooked now. Reading summaries like these and catching up on the show is not helping. And I mostly watch just for two characters - Oliver and Chloe. Chloe, I know has been with the show since the beginning but she's been absent for most of the last season because the actress, Allison Mack, has other commitments and she's only going to be in five episodes for the last season which is sucky. Oliver is the Green Arrow in both the comics and the show and he's such a fascinating character because he's the only superhero on the show who doesn't have a superpower beyond just his human strength and agility. But really, I love all the characters and the guest stars that appear. I came for the Chloe/Oliver but I stay for the Lois/Clark, and Martha Kent and Tess Mercer and Emil the Doctor and Cyborg and Aquaman and Impulse and just gah. I know the fandom though is such an explosive place and I'm shocked at the hate that is sometimes heaped on Clark, who is the main character and therefore does get the major plot lines and the most screen time so y'know I understand that minor characters often get shafted and that's just how it goes with a show like this that brings in a lot of characters and plot lines but that is only a 40-minute show (60-minute if seen live).
  • School started last Tuesday and so far it's going great. I vowed to actually really buckle down and study and it's been going great. The trick is to not turn on this blasted laptop until I've finished everything and it actually works. So now I'd really like to make the Dean's list - at least for one semester - that'd be lovely.
  • I also mailed the application to the Nursing program at my uni and now I just have to wait, which is killing me. I have no idea if they'll send me a letter if they reject me or what or how long it'll take them to go through everything and reject or accept me and let me know. I told myself I wasn't going to obsess over it and whatever happens will happen but, ugh, just the wait is killing me.
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Some good Kyle XY news:

But both Matt Dallas (Kyle XY) and Jean-Luc Bilodeau (Josh trager) have since confirmed that the season 3 is now under production.

No official date has been set yet for the premiere of Kyle XY season 3. But we may fairly bet that Kyle XY season 3 premiere will be in October 2008.

From: Kyle XY Season 3 Blogspot

I did wonder what was happening with the show, usually by now new episodes would have started all ready, but I guess now we'll have to wait until October for new ones. Ughh.


I'm officially done with school. Feels a bit anticlimatic, honestly.

I'm looking forward to catching up on some sleep, I've been feeling more tired than usual lately, so that'll be good....
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I've been feeling kind of blah, lately.

I hope I'm not getting a bug or something. Mom is scheduling a physical exam for me soon, and I have to get a nutrionist soon. And have to hopefully check that everything else is okay with me because I've been feeling sort of irregular and I haven't had my period in about three months, so I'm kind of worried about that.

My menstrual cycle has been irregular before, but it has usually shown up by this time.

I've become a hypochondriac. It's so weird, usually I dismiss everything that's wrong with me as being minor and everything, but now it's just getting me depressed.

School is, ironically, going better than ever. (Of course that's because it is the only thing that I've allowed to eat my brain for weeks.) I'm even happy about my math grade (dude, a ninety...I hardly ever get those in algebra).


re: Hana Yori Dango live-action movie

I can't properly express my happiness right now...

Makino and Doumyouji, chase around the world??


Going to go back now and try to study without passing out and definitely try to not get stressed over everything, because that makes things even worse for me.

Easier said than done, though.
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I saw this today. I'm very sad.

I kinda feel indifferent when I hear about a famous person's death. I mean if you don't know them personally or have never met them, their death isn't as painful, I guess as it would be for their close friends and family. But I'm really sorry she's gone from this world. I loved her books and she seemed like a lovely person.


Today was the first full school day. It was all right; I all ready have Spanish and History homework. But it's not too hard. Almost done with it.

Um, yeah this is basically all that I wanted to write about today. Nothing too exciting happening.
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Geometry has got to be the most vapid subject on this planet. I'm really starting to dread it now because it's not that exciting. And it just happens to be my luck that I'm good at it. Geometry is a pretty easy subject for me, but, oh, so dull! I seriously just want to sleep when I have to learn about it, which never happens to me. I still dread algebra because it makes me want to shoot myself. 


I started reading Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet today. The book was just kind of there in my room, and I had no idea how it got there. (I found out later from Dad that one of Mom's patients gave it to her, and she tends to dump literature she gets my way). It's interesting. But I feel like it's a bit too religious for me since it does talk about God, and religion just makes me feel uneasy. It's not that I necessarily don't believe in God, it's just that it makes me so confused and so I've just decided to avoid it all together (and by that, I mean that I'm just going to take my time figuring out my beliefs here, and not have it be a big deal than it alread is).

I love his language though, and how he writes very fundamental ideas, at least for me, and makes them seem so complicated. I have to tread through it a bit to understand it. It all seems very interpretive and well, I just don't seem to do well with interpretive things. Declarative information, on the other hand, I store mindlessly. And it's a story that reads like a poem, and I always like those.

I've also checked out the first volumes of MARS and Paradise Kiss, and the three volumes of Rebound. I've really gotten into MARS, but Paradise Kiss and Rebound are just not holding my interest that much. I don't know if the library has any other volumes of MARS though. I've only seen the first volume, and I so desperately want to read the others. SOMEDAY, I am going to be able to buy my own manga and not complain about reading it through the astrocious system that is the public library. Someday, I swear. Then we'll see if I ever emerge from my obsession and actually have a life.
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So, we got our PSAT scores back on Thursday. I did pretty well on the critical reading & writing sections, but the math section was less than average. Overall, my score was a 141. It was good practice and I don't think I'll be freaking out so much now that I know somewhat how it'll go.

I'm also pretty excited about getting into the anime Prince of Tennis. The anime will begin airing on Toonami's saturday night block on December 23rd. And then on the same night, they'll air the fourth Inuyasha movie, along with the third and second movies later on. I'm so excited!

And, as per request from [livejournal.com profile] sugarlilie, this gift giving meme:

Please give me gifts! :D )

And something interesting I found: The Six-Word Memoir Contest. I'm still working on my six word memoir. It's hard.
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Nothing too exciting happening here. PSAT's are coming on Oct.18. Gotta study for that and I have two labs I have to do for Bio. All of my other classes are pretty easy. Just homework that doesn't take too long to do, thank godness.

Before I forget to ask, does anyone know where to download bittorrent software? I browsed around download.com, but for some reason my server wouldn't let me download it. It sent me to a 'third party download site'. But then that still didn't work. I was just wondering if there was anywhere else to download it. If not, I guess I'll just have to keep trying.

It's amazing how far technology has come over the years, and yet it still doesn't always work; I guess nothing really can be perfect.

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Took the National Spanish Examination test today....
 And wanted to die.

Really, it was that horrible. At least the multiple choice and the questions.

Although, my only consolation was that the second part, which was listening and reading comprehension, made the language so exotic to me. I was jumping up and down in my seat like the dork that I am because Spanish sounded cool to me

So, if I do well than most of the others, I think I'll get a scholarship. To what or to where, I have no idea. That's just what the Spanish teacher said. So, that'll be nice.

Oh, and speaking of tests, I'm still waiting to see how I did on the National Latin Exam. They said it would take about a month since they have to score thousands of papers...

And if I did well on this one, I'll get a prize or trophy. The Latin exam was much easier than the Spanish one. But I feel like I  know more Spanish than Latin, but that's probably because I've been studying Spanish longer than Latin.
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Older brother coming home from the Navy tomorrow. Will have to go pick him up and then off to work. I can also say goodbye to the computer for the eight days he's here. Seriously, I need to get my own computer. Brothers hog them like lifesavers.

But I'm excited he's coming. I haven't seem him in *counts fingers* about seven months.

After Christmas Break is over in December though, school will be tough. Midterms are gonna come January 24th. And they'll be over in four days, which is pretty great. But my first midterm will be Algebra. My worst subject. It's so funny that I'm a great student in all of my other classes execept in the one class I'll be needing my whole life. It sucks to be me. I really wish I was a math genuis like my twin brother. He currently has an A in Algebra and I have a D-. But I'm a great English student and he's having trouble in that class, just like I'm having trouble with Algebra.

And the second semester begins Jan.30th, which means all new elective classes. But lucky for me I only have one elective.

Yep, January will be a busy month. But I think I can handle it.

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