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I'm sorry I haven't been very active on here; school is making me so insane and on the verge of always being one step away from a nervous breakdown. But I can't afford any nervous breakdowns because that would require me taking a break from my life and that's not...possible at the moment.

But that's depressing so let's talk about some happy things:

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I've also been tuning in to Castle and Once Upon a Time. I don't have much to say about either of them except Castle is not holding my attention all that much lately. (I don't think it's quite jumped the shark and I *LOVE* that Beckett and Castle are together...but I'm just not sure about some of the execution of the Beckett and Castle togetherness - if that makes any sense at all.) But I am loving Once Upon a Time.
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Apparently dates are being announced for returning shows for the fall tv season already:
Castle comes back Monday, September 24
Once Upon a Time comes back Sunday, September 30
The Vampire Diaries come back on Thursday, October 11

Psych is also supposed to come back sometime this fall but probably not until late October or even November.

But I have no idea when fall semester starts though. Priorities, I have them.

(And uh, I have no idea where I've been for the past three weeks. I'm gonna try to get back into posting awesome comic book moments for the 100 Things Challenge but I haven't been feeling very excited about comics these past several weeks. Am hoping that might change soon and I can get back to the challenge. This is why it'd be helpful if you planned things better, self.)

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This is in no way a respectable book blog but I don't think it matters - at least I hope it doesn't.

This meme is hosted by Anna at The Weekly Enthusiast.

1. CHLOE SULLIVAN-QUEEN (from Smallville)

Chloe was definitely a major reason why I got into Smallville only when it *ended* (because The New Adventures of Lois and Clark will forever and *always* remain my first beloved Superman show and I want nothing to take its place, but Smallville might up up there with it as my fave show about Superman/Clark). She's just so AWESOME AND BAMF AND I JUST WANT TO BE LIKE HER AND I WANT HER TO BE REAL DAMN IT WHY ISN'T SHE REAL *SOBBBING*

2. ZUKO (from Avatar: the Last Airbender)

I can't articulate very well why I love Zuko except to say that I love his journey in AtLA; I love what kind of a person he becomes by the end, how very complex his character was. (I didn't like him very much at the beginning but mid-s2 or something like that, I found myself becoming very sympathetic to him and by s3 I was completely smitten by him.)

3. BURTON GUSTER (from Psych)

I can't explain my love for Gus without descending into a squealing mass of incoherence and blubbering. I just - he's AWESOME. OK? Trust me, if you hate Gus, then there is seriously something wrong with you.

4. MYKA BERING (from Warehouse 13)

I think while I've talked about loving EVERY FREAKING CHARACTER that comes through WH13, the one character that I *both* adore to pieces and find myself relating to the most is Myka. And we all like seeing ourselves in fictional characters.

5. STEFAN SALVATORE (from The Vampire Diaries)

This show is...ridiculous at times. In good and bad ways. And I have a lot of ~feelings about it. But the one thing I will always know is that Stefan Salvatore is VERY AWESOME AND MY FAVORITEST (with Damon and Caroline and Bonnie and Elena and Jeremy and Rebekah and Tyler as my other favorites).
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So at the beginning of this month, I had said that I wanted to write everyday for  [livejournal.com profile] 31_days because I want EVEN MORE CHALLENGES (like going to college full-time and working and trying to fit in studying and watching/keeping up with popular culture was not enough of a challenge for me, I have to go ahead and try to challenge myself to write every day too.)


There will definitely be a masterlist at the end and everything. Because dammit, after EVERYTHING, a master list will be AWESOME.

The thing is, here we are at day thirteen and I'm already deflated and wanting to just nap and not write. (Not that I'll beg for encouragement or anything because I don't want to seem TOO DESPERATE even though I totally am so very desperate.)
Meh. Anyways: LOOOOOK AT ALL THE SHINIES THAT I HAVE WRITTEN (that I'll hate after this month, but let's not think about that right now):

February 2012: Mixed Fandoms
  • 1st: The Earth is frozen solid, like a heart that will not love - First Interlude [Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, Cam/Hunter]
  • 2nd: My love a beacon in the night - this is my winter song [Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, Cam/Hunter, Blake/Tori]
  • 3rd: O, for a muse of fire! - do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips [Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, Cam/Hunter]
  • 4th: A candle burned on the table - First Comes Love [Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, Blake/Tori, Cam/Hunter]
  • 5th: Snowflakes are kisses from heaven - Waiting for Tomorrow [InuYasha, Kagome/InuYasha]
  • 6th: As seek to quench the fire of love with words I FAILED MISERABLY HERE BUT WILL TRY TO GET A STORY FINISHED BY AMNESTY DAY
  • 7th: ...Some say in ice - It's what friends are for [Warehouse 13, Steve, Claudia, gen]
  • 8th: Words are only painted fire - Back to the Beginning [Power Rangers: Mystic Force, Madison/Nick]
  • 9th: Only ice in the blood - ice inside your soul [The Vampire Diaries, Caroline/Tyler, Caroline/Klaus]
  • 10th: Fire is never a gentle master - In your arms and in your heart [Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue, Dana/Ryan] [also written for Porn Battle 13]
  • 11th: In the ice of its own indifference - You Don't See Me [Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, Dustin/Marah]
  • 12th: Some say the world will end in fire - Curiosity Killed the Cat [Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue, Dana/Ryan]
  • 13th: Love is the fire of life -- consuming, purifying. - For Always and Forever [Power Rangers: Mystic Force, Madison/Nick]
It's overwhelmingly Power Ranger based. Which. Y'know. I sometimes get a nostalgic craving to re-watch and suddenly...there's fic. Although it's kinda funny that I'm only now catching up on Mystic Force just for the fandom - as small as it is, after having sworn that Power Rangers ended for me after Ninja Storm and that was IT. A grown lady should not immerse herself in any more in kid-stuff. Clearly I have no qualms any more about anything.
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I kept waiting for some awesome Mason/Alaric/Damon and wheeeeeee!! someone finally answered my prayers - Here Comes Another Fall from Grace (I'm Always Falling On My Face)

And this is the lone story I wrote for Fall Fandom Free For All:
Sigh. It doesn't look like I'll be filling in any of the other prompts. Some are awesome and I'd like to write more for it, but the blankness I get whenever I try to start one of them is mocking me and so I start hating it and walk away in a huff. Well, fine prompt, if you don't want to be written, I won't write you. *iz five*

Speaking of writing, I started a document a while ago where I drop random titles that pop into my head for future stories that I might want to write. So far there are only several titles with no stories:

oo1: this isn't the apocalypse, but if it were, there'd be more angst

oo2: all the right moves

oo3: strawberry girl

oo4: the last will and testament of bruce wayne

oo5: the batgirl club

Of course, it also happens that the ideas I do have floating in my head and that I'm trying to write down have no titles. I don't even know.

Also, more speaking of writing: trolling[livejournal.com profile] mini_nanowrimo's friends' page, I found that someone had linked to something called Yarny...which looks like it's a writing program. Or something. For serious writers, who attempt novels every November (aka people who are NOT me but it looks fun to fool around with).

I haven't fooled around with it too much, but it looks like a plain Word document that also acts like an outline thingy. (I know there're similar programs out there but they cost money and this one looks like it's free>.) Which is yay for me because outlining for me does not end pretty. It's also providing to be useful for when I'm not on my own laptop, I can just log-in and access all my stuff (I know I could just email things back and forth between myself or have a private entry on here, but I'm pretty horrid at keeping updated versions and this saves automatically so you don't have to keep re-sending yourself emails or re-editing journal entries). Because I try to not turn on my own laptop until I get all my studying done and out of the way, but sometimes inspiration strikes and I can use my parents' notebook to jot things down. So there's that. And it has tags too, and you can color-code stuff *nerdgasm*.

And it's been awesomely easier for me to keep track of mini_nanowrimo stuff and daily wordcounts because there's a built-in word counter!! yayyy!! and I don't have to have a million word documents of sh*t saved on this - when I'm basically running out of disk space, as it is.


And my anime self:

I tried to put this up on Tumblr where I got it from but the image preview thingy is wonky and the image ends up being a very teeny, tiny not-quite-like-the-others image. Bah. So here's the site.
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My life these past two weeks has mostly been flashcardville because I'm a flashcard kinda girl apparently. And passing out in bed without having turned on the laptop all day. But, the good news - still about a month and a half of flashcardville and passing out. Joy.

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I still haven't watched found time to watch Grimm or Once Upon A Time. But soon!
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I seem to be using both DW and Tumblr for all my episode ramblings. And I really ought to stick with just one to be consistent (I feel like I'm developing dyslexia because I wrote constant but that didn't feel right for some reason except I had no idea what the right word was that I was searching for), but sometimes it feels right to blather on about Psych on Tumblr and sometimes it feels right to blather on here. So I guess I'll use both for now until I've made up my mind one way or the other. (Not that anyone probably cares a great deal what I thought of all these shows I watch but it's awesome for me to get all my thoughts down.)

Also, signed up again this year for Mini NaNoWriMo, with a word count of 150 words for the next thirty days. I thought that was a reasonable, but still somewhat challenging goal. (November is just such a sucky day to commit to writing a novel - at least for me.)

and a meme that's going around:
Come knock on my door by replying to his post with 'trick-or-treat' & I'll respond with a small something -- sentence fic, an icon, a declaration of my love for you, a pic, etc. ♥
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Six-word stories are awesome and addicting - but I could only do three of them for now. I can't even write six-word stories? That's pretty much my conclusion! And that HP commentfic isn't like even 100 words. I dunno.

The Vampire Diaries, Jenna, decision

The Vampire Diaries, Caroline/Tyler, shall we dance?

Stargate: Atlantis, any male scientist/any male soldier, danger

Harry Potter, Sirius/Remus, coming home
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This week AA had two spoilers for Greek:

Question: Got any scoop on the March 7 series finale of Greek?! —@TurboMeg via Twitter
Ausiello: Stock up on Puffs Plus Lotion (with the scent of Vicks) ’cause you’re going to be bawling till your tear ducts dry out and your nose falls off. I screened the episode over the weekend and I have to give props to the creative team for ending on an emotionally satisfying high note. Highlights: There’s one (or is it two?) long overdue hookup, a pitch perfect bookend-y scene between sibs Rusty and Casey, and an answer to one of the show’s biggest mysteries: What the hell is Cappie’s real name? (If you guessed ******* **** **** *****, congrats, you were right!)

Question: Will Frannie appear on Greek before the show ends? —Amy
Ausiello: Yes, the witch (played once again by Tiffany Dupont) touches down in the penultimate episode on Feb. 28 and immediately extends an olive branch to her still-steaming-mad ZBZ sisters. And this particular olive branch has a name: Justin Bieber. (BTW, Cappie’s reaction to seeing Frannie again is priceless.)

Kinda ambivalent about Frannie.

And a TVD scoop:

Question: Got any scoop on The Vampire Diaries? —Ellie
Thursday’s episode is not to be missed. It boasts two deaths, one super-romantic Matt/Caroline scene, and — in the hour’s final minutes — a doozy of a twist.

yay! Matt/Caroline!! I missed the last two recentish eps but hope I can get caught up before tomorrow.



Also, finally finished and posted a SGA vid for [livejournal.com profile] stargateland's episode vid challenge where you could only use clips from one episode to make the video from. This would be my third one? I think. The second SGA vid we shan't talk about because it was horrible and it'd be best to just forget it exists.

Song Glaring Dream (Secret Dream Air Mix) by Daisuke Asakura (from the Gravitation soundtrack)
Fandom Stargate Atlantis
Short summary Someone is missing Atlantis (aka Sam the whale's return).

the embed thingy never works for some reason - please go here.

(If it doesn't work, please tell me because the first time I tried to view it, it didn't work for me - well the audio worked fine but there weren't any visuals to go with the audio. It is actually a miracle this got posted online AT ALL. So yeah. >: I sometimes hate technology so much.)
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bullet list!
  • I really need to write porn. Why does writing fail me at such an awesome time?
  • Some "The Vampire Diaries" spoilers. Most of the things they spoil I could've predicted already. And some of the things they spoil, I wish wouldn't turn out true. Like that Stefan spoiler in particular. Didn't they already do that?
  • After avoiding "Smallville" for ten years, I'm totally hooked now. Reading summaries like these and catching up on the show is not helping. And I mostly watch just for two characters - Oliver and Chloe. Chloe, I know has been with the show since the beginning but she's been absent for most of the last season because the actress, Allison Mack, has other commitments and she's only going to be in five episodes for the last season which is sucky. Oliver is the Green Arrow in both the comics and the show and he's such a fascinating character because he's the only superhero on the show who doesn't have a superpower beyond just his human strength and agility. But really, I love all the characters and the guest stars that appear. I came for the Chloe/Oliver but I stay for the Lois/Clark, and Martha Kent and Tess Mercer and Emil the Doctor and Cyborg and Aquaman and Impulse and just gah. I know the fandom though is such an explosive place and I'm shocked at the hate that is sometimes heaped on Clark, who is the main character and therefore does get the major plot lines and the most screen time so y'know I understand that minor characters often get shafted and that's just how it goes with a show like this that brings in a lot of characters and plot lines but that is only a 40-minute show (60-minute if seen live).
  • School started last Tuesday and so far it's going great. I vowed to actually really buckle down and study and it's been going great. The trick is to not turn on this blasted laptop until I've finished everything and it actually works. So now I'd really like to make the Dean's list - at least for one semester - that'd be lovely.
  • I also mailed the application to the Nursing program at my uni and now I just have to wait, which is killing me. I have no idea if they'll send me a letter if they reject me or what or how long it'll take them to go through everything and reject or accept me and let me know. I told myself I wasn't going to obsess over it and whatever happens will happen but, ugh, just the wait is killing me.
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There's no new The Vampire Diaries tonight. (Two weeks of reruns.) :/ I'm kinda sad because, well, a happy Thursday is just not a happy Thursday without any new TVD.


(these are all from 2x10)
spoilers for TVD episode 10, s2 )
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General spoilers for season two of The Vampire Diaries and Glee

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Supernatural and I have parted ways. It was amicable, no hurt feelings, but my heart isn't invested anymore (I mainly watched for Castiel but I don't think he's in a lot of episodes this season and it would've been torture watching all the episodes he wasn't in just so I could understand the episodes he did appear in). I have been reading random people's reviews, and there's a lot that I don't think I would've liked just based from other people's reactions. I'm not so keen on catching up and I think it's better this way.
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- An extended preview of "Bad Moon Rising" (2x03); first off, yay!! Alaric's back! I've missed him. Secondly, I'm actually looking forward to the Tyler-is-a-werewolf plot line. I sorta spoiled myself way back in season 1 by reading spoilers about it so I've been looking forward to it since then. That, and I also really love that Mason character so am glad he's going to stick around for a while. *iz being so shallow*

- Julie Plec, one of producers on TVD, tweeted this awesome TVD video - Your Biggest Fan.

- Not related to TVD, but this is an awesome post on accessibility codes and why it's much better to use <strong></strong> and <em></em> to bold things and emphasize them respectively.

- Von Grey Music is following me on Twitter. Which I find odd since I have no idea how they came across my name. I had no idea who this "Von Grey" person was and after doing some research, found that they're apparently four sisters singing music together. They're really good, although I have no idea what kind of label you'd put on their music - not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I especially love "Rise Up", "Volcano", "What's Your Name", and their cover of Vertical Horizon's "You're a God." I think they're just all-around adorable. And I get giddy at discovering new music! So give them a try. :D

a meme stolen from the ever wonderful [livejournal.com profile] loki_onyx:

01. Your middle name, or explain your chosen name:
02. Mental age:
03. Single or taken:
04. Favorite book:
05. Favorite song or album:
06. What do you believe is your calling in life? Your greatest passion?
07. What's your worst recurring nightmare/biggest fear?
08. Faith, has you any? And if so, what, and if not, why not?:
09. Do we know each other outside of LJ? Do we want to?
10. What's your philosophy on life?
11. Is the bottle half-full or half-empty?
12. Would you tell me something painful if it was in my best interest?
13. What is your favorite memory of us?
14. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
15. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
16. You can have three wishes what are they?
17. What is your favorite food?
18. Which country is your spiritual home?
19. What is your big weakness?
20. Do you think I'm a good person?
21. What was your best/favorite subject at school?
22. Describe your accent:
23. If you could change anything about me, would you?
24. What do you wear to sleep?
25. Gender identity?
26. Affectionate/sexual orientation?
27. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together? (If you have no idea, just say something crazy, it'll entertain me!)
28. Will you repost this so I can fill it out for you?

My answers )
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I was trying to write this The Vampire Diaries fic for Yuletide's New Year Resolutions 2010 thingy that I had started last year (I have always wanted to participate in yuletide, but it's kinda intimidating and the NYR seem more flexible because they happen year-round and not just in the holiday season and you're not responsible for giving someone a fic which is what gives me the most anxiety because I do not trust that my muse will be there when the time comes to write someone a gift) but I just don't think the way I'm writing it now is going to work (not that I have a lot written). It's a threesome fic with Katherine/Damon/Stefan and while usually threesomes squick me the hell out, this would be the only instance where I gladly welcome the threesome-ness - because it works, somehow, in my demented brain. Except this was before we knew more about Katherine and what happened before Stefan and Damon and the show decidedly did not display a threesome relationship between the characters - which is one of the reasons I'm thinking it won't work in terms of canon. (The other reason being that I can't at all write Katherine. She's just too much of an evil, manipulative character for me to get a handle on. I also have no idea why I originally thought the relationship between Katherine, Damon, and Stefan was canonically a threesome one. Maybe if this wasn't a high school show...But probably not.)

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter as this particular prompt has already been answered so my own fic would have to just be a TVD fic for regular occasion. But, man, is it frustrating because I think I'm gonna have to scrape the story because nothing's coming or going! And I don't think it's my inherent dislike for threesome fic either that's roadblocking me because - as I've mentioned previously - I'm totally on the bandwagon in this fandom for the threesome (and even a Stefan/Elena/Damon threesome in present day) because it could totally fix everything and actually be kinda romantic - in a demented sort of way because, yeah, they're still vampires so there's a degree of demented-ness guaranteed.

Because I love Stefan/Damon together but I also love Stefan/Elena together and have been warming up to Damon/Elena so really a threesome is the only solution. (I don't like Katherine at all but that's best left alone. I did ship her with Damon once upon a time, gladly, but that's when I thought Damon was irredeemable so he and Katherine fit together well like the two "evil" characters they were, but that's not the case as of the season finale.)

Of course, it could all be chalked up to: the muse is fickle.

I don't care either way, if the story works out or not, because I didn't have a definitive plan going into the writing. If I think up something, I'll continue it but I don't think it's worth my energy writing about a character I don't really understand or like (I mean Katherine, because the piece is largely about her while Damon & Stefan are just the background characters).



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