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coming out of my hiberation to share these lovely links:

- Steampunk Sailor Moon by StarMasayume

- YOUNG AVENGERS ARE BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YAYYYYYYYYYYYY (I only recognize Billy, Teddy, Kate, and kid!Loki on the cover, which is an interesting line-up. I wish Cassie and Jonas were still alive. And I wish they could get Eli to come back and be a superhero again. And I have no idea why Tommy isn't on the line up either but he should be. Oh well.)

- BATGIRL FANS, STEPH'S FAN-CREATED FILM IS HERE. YAYNESSSSSSS Episode 1: Blindside. It is fabulous so far, and it stays very true to the comic. Which is loveliness.

now I have to go back to writing essays and trying not to drown in all the literature I have to read (on the one hand, I love literature, on the other, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY IS THERE SO MUCH WORKKKKKKKKKKKKK?)
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Meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish

so this meme asked for the top ten sites that aren't about *books* - comics aren't books though so I'm not really cheating. Right? I don't know. I do my own thing.

1. Tumblr: I feel like tumblr is the amalgamation of EVERY SITE ever on the Internet (and this list). But with more graphics and less annoying changes. I am on there way more than I need to be.
2. iFanboy: where I go for the majority of comics news; they also have nifty top 5 lists too and I can't resist lists (example: Top 5 Deaths of Jonathan Kent).
3. Archive of Our Own: this is the fan fiction site I left Fanfiction.net for (god FF.Net totally irritated me there for a few years with all of their changes and having to post anything new was such a hassle)
4. Comixology: so getting into comics is a bit daunting, getting into digital comics is EVEN more daunting, but I think sites like these facilitate that exchange.
5. Marvel: besides just being a great online encyclopedia of Marvel characters, the blog posts are worth a read as well.
6. DCComics: I really like their Preview Mondays and they've started doing creator profiles that are awesome - full list of creator portraits.
7. Comic Book Resources: while I get most of my comics news from iFanboy a lot of the time, the reason I really like CBR is they have previews of awesome comics that are due out that Wednesday or whatnot (um, I should say I am not all that enamored of its forums and stay away from them - and pretty much anything else with a lot of comments - but they do have awesome reviews and columns and blog posts like 'The Ten Cruelest Things Joss Whedon Has Done To His Characters').
8. Wil Wheaton's blog: so in my obsession-that-came-out-of-nowhere-and-punched-me-in-the-face phase of watching Eureka and seeing Wil Wheaton as the ass-holey Dr. Parrish (...I hope he won't always be cast in tv shows as the jerk character, I really, really hope), I somehow became a fan of his and then made my way over to his blog? Who the hell knows how these things happen. This post was especially awesome. (He also has some posts talking about the comics he's into at the moment which are relevant to me.)
9. Aria's Ink: the truly awesomest Sailor Moon site that's still alive and kicking (you have no idea how many awesome SM sites are long gone). And is SOOO awesome. I am not be as active there as I once was and I kind of feel sad about that, but you sometimes move away from your childhood interests and that's okay.
10. Twitter: gosh, Twitter is like the website that excuses you from talking about yourself nonstop about what you had for lunch; sure it's also practical for following famous people and authors and creators of awesome things, but it's mostly about ourselves, come on, who are we kidding.
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I woke up this morning dead tired. I did stumble into bed at 4 in the morning after taking a hour long bath. I woke up at ten minutes to 12 in the afternoon so I have no idea why I'm dead tired, just that I am. Going back to school in about three weeks is going to kill me. I'm dreading it even now. ):

I also tried harassing my parents to let me go and see a meteor show that went on tonight with my school's planetarium (the Perseids were going to be seen). But I of course couldn't go because well, a) I couldn't just drive myself and my parents for some reason couldn't drive me and b) they said I couldn't go because it'd be at night and I'd be alone and they weren't having that. (Have I ranted here about my parents' double standard about how my BROTHERS can stay out as late as they want but I can't stay out past ten unless I'm with someone? Preferably a male someone? Not that I listen to them about going to bed at a reasonable hour but man, this old-country attitude of theirs really pisses me off.) I'm still so angry and bummed out that I missed this awesome opportunity.

I guess all I can do now is just add watching a meteor shower on my 'to experience' list.

D: But I'm still so bummed and it's going to keep gnawing at me, I can tell.


I also randomly just remembered this Sailor Moon story I wrote like six months ago and promptly forgot about it - until tonight when I suddenly remembered it and hunted it down - If I Could Fall In Love. Yeah, the story is as cheesy as the title lets on but *shrug* I love cheesy stories so, can't feel too guilty. :D There's probably more I can do with the story - some tweaking and editing here and there- but I'll save that for another time and when I have more energy.
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So, last night, I had this truly horrifying idea: what if the cast of Sailor Moon reversed genders?

.....clearly I had to follow this train of thought to its natural conclusion. Now I love Sailor Moon and the original cast, dearly, and would not want to actually have to think about a real-live action Western movie but this is all for fun, imagining how Sailor Moon would be different if the main characters were a different gender. Subsequently, if the main characters of SM were a different gender, Sailor Moon would NOT be known as Sailor Moon - it'd just be known as another male-centric superhero tv series.  

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(Yes, this is what happens when people let me I stay up late. And get bored out of my mind.)
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OK, so I feel like I have to explain that I have been working on this for the past three weeks and then I proceeded to hide from it by reading much more fantastic fics because I did not want to work on it as I felt pretty burned out writing wise. This also sucks, I have no idea why I even started writing it in the first place except for the fact that it's for a challenge for [livejournal.com profile] sailormoonland and I really would love to help my teammates (but the muse, she is vicious and cruel). The story also sounded much more exciting in my head, but written down, not so much. I still hate it and I don't think there's gonna be any more (which is a shame because there go all those lovely points down the drain). *sigh* I just wish I hadn't written it as one story. But I apparently like making this hard on my self. *cries*

themes completed: 4/35

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This was created for [livejournal.com profile] sailormoonland's current challenge, moonie tunes.

I decided to do a fanmix involving Naru/Umino because I love them to bits and they're mostly overlooked for the other pairings/characters found in SM. I should also warn you I'm not the greatest at explaining myself and why I've chosen these songs; I'm afraid it's all rather simple and kinda like "duh." Oh, and all music is linked to Youtube. :D

Awesome thanks and huggles to [livejournal.com profile] jojo_da_crow for making the beautiful front and back covers of this fanmix. ♥

Enjoy :D )
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Fandom: Sailor Moon
Title: Notes Between Us
Pairing/Character: Serena/Darien
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi & TOEI ANIMATION. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Serena resolves to not talk to her arch nemesis. Instead, she starts writing to him. A look at two people's blossoming friendship.
Notes: Something that hit me yesterday. 'Tis very short, and not quite in character because I couldn't get them to fight in my head or on screen, for some reason. (THEY MUST LOVE EACH OTHER THEN!!) And really has no plot. Whatsoever. :(
Word Count: 684

April 4: The day that started it all. )
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I updated/changed my profile tonight. Honestly, the html was driving me nutso and I had to squint to read anything (that was my fault- the hex codes weren't cooperating). So I discarded it completely. I like it this way: black & white is always the way to go.

So, that this post isn't completely useless, I bring some good fanart recs (well- what I consider good fanart).

Spirited Away
[Haku/Chihiro] Promise by arriku: This pic has bland colors and makes you feel serene. I really like her Chihiro and Haku; they look very real (animation-real that is).

[Ishida] White Knight by orin: Wow. That's all I can say about this fanart. I really like the colors here and his expression.

Cowboy Bebop
[Spike] Spike by TheCapatin: This fanart is really a simple picture of Spike, but it's nice to look at and Spike's expression seems really content and it's just...nice.

Sailor Moon
[Sailor Chibi Moon/ChibiUsa] Sailor Chibi Moon by Ayvens: I especially like the colors here. They make the pic real and alive and it just goes so well. I also think her anatomy of the drawing is pretty good.

Ever After
[Danielle/Henry] Ever After by Terrauh: I really like that this was done in pencil because it makes it look majestic and the black really gives the drawing fullness.

Doctor Who
[Ten/Rose] Lists by SarcasticFox: I just love this because I'm a pure Ten/Rose fan. It's so cute & like a short, funny comic. I love sketches because they're rough. ~♥♥♥

[Edward/Bella, Alice] Twilight Collage by vintagepixie5: Ha, what Alice probably sees happening in Twilight. I also liked how the author also left the faces blank- it's more classy and artsy to me.

[Edward, Emmett, Alice] Edward doesn't like rap by SimplyDelightfulx: Omg, this was hilarious! Emmett thinks that he can get Edward to like rap, even when Alice tells him that he won't. Emmett, you shouldn't bet against Alice.

[Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Alice] Jasper has an idea by SimplyDelightfulx: Another funny comic from the author above. The Cullens are totally not canon, but you can't help but love this. Jasper tries to beat Emmett at arm-wrestling by cheating. Read to find out how. ^^
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Title: Stupid and Naive
Day/Theme: July 29/ Head up high, hopes down low.
Series: Sailor Moon
Character/Pairing: Usagi/Mamoru
Rating: G

To hope that he'd come back to her was naive and stupid. )
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Fandom: Sailor Moon
Title: Waiting upon hell in heaven
Pairing/Character: Usagi/Mamoru
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi & TOEI ANIMATION. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Mamoru's not sure of his nightmare and what's even worse is that he feels helpless about it all.
Notes: Based on the anime, not the NA dub though and spoilers for the Sailor Moon R season, specifically episode 77. Mamoru-introspective.
Word Count: 538
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There was fic today, on the spur of the moment, suprisingly.  :D

Fandom: Sailor Moon
Title: There Will Come A Day
Pairing/Character: Minako x OC
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: SM belongs to Takeuchi Naoke.
Summary: Minako finds love again, but it doesn't find her.
Notes: Title comes from the Sailor Moon song, My Only Love. And it's obviously, extremely AU and a little bit sad at the end.
Word Count: 1, 127

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I was browsing Google Video and I found this gem. Ah, does this bring back the good ol' days. Y'know I still love Sailor Moon as much as I did when I was eight. It's still so perfect.

Sailor Moon R Opening
"Sailor Moon R Opening" on Google Video
Version completa del primer opening de Sailor Moon

(The complete version of the first opening of Sailor Moon)


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