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I- I kinda want this, only IT'S NOT REAL!!

Oy, only in the Twilight fandom.

Now, it just makes me dread the real movie because, apparently, it's not as good as all the fanpeople make it with their fake movie posters and choices of casting.

Because now I'm used to Emily Browning as Bella and Gaspard Ulliel as Edward...But, but they're not the real movie cast!! (And on the flip side, I can't see Kristen Stewart as Bella or Robert Pattinson as Edward. It's not that I have anything against them, they're as lovely as Emily & Gaspard in my mind as actors, but whenever I went browsing through the Twilight communities, it was always Gaspard & Emily on icons and manips playing Edward & Bella. After awhile, I started seeing that too. How do you switch on your brain so that Kristen & Robert seem perfect for the roles?)

My head has been hurting all day, hopefully it'll stop by tomorrow.
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Spoilers for the latest season of Avatar in the first drabble, some blink-an-you'll-miss-em spoilers for Mediator, the fifth book.

Six Drabbles )
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Fandom: Twilight
Title: The sky is torn
Pairing/Character: Angela/Jacob
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Eclipse © Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: But love, as Angela finds out too late, is never convenient.
Word Count: 247
Notes: Just a quick inspiration that hit me tonight…angsty. Title from a Natalie Imbruglia song. AU for Eclipse, so really no spoilers.
There's just so many things that I can't touch )
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I updated/changed my profile tonight. Honestly, the html was driving me nutso and I had to squint to read anything (that was my fault- the hex codes weren't cooperating). So I discarded it completely. I like it this way: black & white is always the way to go.

So, that this post isn't completely useless, I bring some good fanart recs (well- what I consider good fanart).

Spirited Away
[Haku/Chihiro] Promise by arriku: This pic has bland colors and makes you feel serene. I really like her Chihiro and Haku; they look very real (animation-real that is).

[Ishida] White Knight by orin: Wow. That's all I can say about this fanart. I really like the colors here and his expression.

Cowboy Bebop
[Spike] Spike by TheCapatin: This fanart is really a simple picture of Spike, but it's nice to look at and Spike's expression seems really content and it's just...nice.

Sailor Moon
[Sailor Chibi Moon/ChibiUsa] Sailor Chibi Moon by Ayvens: I especially like the colors here. They make the pic real and alive and it just goes so well. I also think her anatomy of the drawing is pretty good.

Ever After
[Danielle/Henry] Ever After by Terrauh: I really like that this was done in pencil because it makes it look majestic and the black really gives the drawing fullness.

Doctor Who
[Ten/Rose] Lists by SarcasticFox: I just love this because I'm a pure Ten/Rose fan. It's so cute & like a short, funny comic. I love sketches because they're rough. ~♥♥♥

[Edward/Bella, Alice] Twilight Collage by vintagepixie5: Ha, what Alice probably sees happening in Twilight. I also liked how the author also left the faces blank- it's more classy and artsy to me.

[Edward, Emmett, Alice] Edward doesn't like rap by SimplyDelightfulx: Omg, this was hilarious! Emmett thinks that he can get Edward to like rap, even when Alice tells him that he won't. Emmett, you shouldn't bet against Alice.

[Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Alice] Jasper has an idea by SimplyDelightfulx: Another funny comic from the author above. The Cullens are totally not canon, but you can't help but love this. Jasper tries to beat Emmett at arm-wrestling by cheating. Read to find out how. ^^
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What am I doing writing fic? I blame it on Eclipse.

Fandom: Twilight
Title: The Five Times Edward Cullen Was There For Bella Swan
Pairing/Character: Bella/Edward
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Twilight © Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Five moments in time that give insight into Bella's and Edward's love.
Word Count: 2,828
She crossed her arms, and glared straight ahead. Well, if he wanted to act like a baby… )
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A guy named Chris called me Thursday and said that they just got Eclipse, so I rushed right over. There was some concert in the middle of the downtown square next to the bookstore. I wanted to stay for a while and listen, but I was anxious to start on Eclipse.

The reading is going slowly. I'm a slow reader. And I've kinda been preoccupied with other things. Mainly listening to Asian songs and catching up on some other reading and basically trying to procrastinate. Even from reading Eclipse. Yes, I know. I'm a bad fan.

Comments on it will come soon. I hope. Right now, I don't especially know how I feel about it. It's a bit different from the other books, granted it's the third one and usually the sequels never compare to the first one. It's like gum, I think. The longer you chew it, the faster the flavor goes out of it. But once you read the first one, you have to follow through with the other ones. Especially out of curiosity's sake.

Also, the more and more I think about it, the more I see Gaspard Ulliel as being Edward Cullen in the alleged upcoming movie. All those fangirls of his finally convinced me, I suppose. The rest of the cast, I just can't see as being portrayed by other actors that I know and have seen because I'll be thinking about the other media in which I know them from and that'll ruin the illusion that they're characters from Twilight. Silly, innit? But, I haven't seen Gaspard act in anything (okay, I'm lying, I have seen him on youtube in that five-minute segment- Le Marais- he was in in Paris, je t'aime, but that doesn't count because he was speaking French, and it was only five minutes).

They really are going to have to go with brand new actors and actresses for the other characters. But, really, the movie planning is so far away from now that I'm really not thinking that much about it. (Compared to other people and Stephenie herself, I spend very little time thinking about it. But that's because, like I said, it's not very far in the planning stage.)

Anyways, the reading is making me fall in love with Edward more and more. As if that were possible. Ha! He's so cunning and clever and hot and smart and gah!!! But, I am displeased with Bella. Suddenly, she's not my most favorite character. ): You know, this is becoming my least favorite book...

*goes back to reading.*
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I finally posted my [profile] twilightathon  story tonight. It's HERE. I like it, although I wish I could've made it a bit longer. But, anyway, enjoy. ^^

P.S. If anyone could show me how to do a fake cut (or really what a fake cut even is), I'd be eternally grateful. I searched through lj's FAQ but, sadly, couldn't find anything on it.
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So I was reading this Esme story this evening (Falling by Imogen) and I was wondering how Carlisle could have turned Esme into a vampire if she had all ready jumped off the cliff and killed herself. My question is, is it possible for a vampire in Ms. Meyer's vampire universe to turn someone if they're all ready dead? And how would that work exactly? Wouldn't something happen to your blood when you die? (I'm not sure exactly what would happen to your blood, but doesn't everything stop working?) And then when that question came to mind, I wondered how Carlisle knew to save/turn her?

Obviously, he turned her because he loved her and wanted to spend eternity with her, but when did he turn her? Is what I'm really getting at, I guess. Was it afterwards when someone realized that she had died, and Carlisle got the news from them? Or did he happen on her just minutes/hours after she jumped?

I don't think it's clear and I don't remember there being anything about it in the books. And obviously I'm curious to the point of obsession. Well, almost. ^^ I really wish there could've been/will be a bit more in the books about their history together. I'd definitely be happy.

Is it obvious that I've become a Carlisle/Esme nut right now? I think so. I just can't seem to get enough of these two. I dunno what's about them, but they grab my attention right now.

I was thinking of asking at one of the many Twilight fan communities that I joined/watch, but I don't wanna sound stupid if the answer happens to be staring me right in the face...
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Fandom: Twilight
Heavenly Torture
Twilight © Stephenie Meyer and Little, Brown and Company.
Brief moments of passion and physical attraction are far in between for them, but those brief moments are all the more precious to them for they rather have at least a little taste of heaven than none. 
Word Count:


'He can’t help but thinking wishfully in these moments that he wasn’t always so in control and that Bella could really see how she makes him feel, but the consequence of that is always in the back of his mind, so he shoos it away before it has the power to change his mind.' )
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So, I've decided that for the next fifteen days, I'm going to try to write something every day for those fifteen days. It'll be either snippets or ficlets or original stuff- whatever my muse creates. This is partially because I wanted to join [profile] writing_days today, but I wanted to be an active member, except writing twenty-five things seemed a bit daunting for me, so that's why I decided to go through my own writing project but just cut the number down to fifteen days because that I could handle.

: Twilight
Title: You're half a world away
Pairing/Character: Bella/Edward
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Twilight © Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: They were completely wrong for each other, but she made him feel whole and he couldn’t help being in love with her. 
Word Count: 298
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Title: You Win
Day/Theme: May 31/ I'd rather leave while I'm in love
Series: New Moon
Character/Pairing: Edward/Bella, mostly one-sided Charlie/Renee
Rating: G
Word Count: 609
Notes: This turned out a bit weird and the characters are so OOC. You may all shoot me now.

I'd rather leave while I'm in love )


Jan. 28th, 2007 01:08 pm
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So, there I was browsing through Tokyopop looking for some Graviation manga (not that I could buy any, but a girl can dream), and I came upon this page, which made me die.

Twilight fans should definitely check it out.

*You can see the manga on their Manga Player, but you need to register to see all the pages, it's free though. :D
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Some of my favorite quotes from New Moon. I had to control myself from picking out every quote because I could quote the entire book. But, trust me, no one would want that.
"I have a question."
He waited warily.
"If I develop this film," I said, toying with the camera in my hands, "will you show up in the picture?"
"Bella, you gave yourself a paper cut- that hardly deserves the death penalty. "
"I'm no good for you, Bella."
"Don't be ridiculous." I wanted to sound angry, but it just sounded like I was begging. "You're the very best part of my life."
I shook my head sadly. Love is irrational, I reminded myself. The more you loved someone, the less sense anything made.

And then, as clearly as if I were in immediate danger, Edward's velvet voice whispered in my ear.
"Be happy," he told me.
But at least I had something to hope for if we did. If Alice made good on her promise- and if she didn't kill me- then Edward could run after his distractions all he wanted, and I could follow. I wouldn't let him be distracted. Maybe, when I was beautiful and strong, he wouldn't want distractions.
His fingertips traced the circles under my eyes. "You look so tired.
"And you look thirsty," I whispered back, studying the purple bruises under his black irises.
He shrugged. "It's nothing."
"Are you sure? I could sit with Alice," I offered, unwilling; I'd rather he killed me now than move one inch from where I was.
"Don't be ridiculous." He sighed; his sweet breath caressed my face. "I've never been in better control of
side of my nature than right now."
"I think she's having hysterics. Maybe you should slap her," Alice suggested.
"Your hold is permanent and unbreakable," he whispered. "Never doubt that."

New Moon

Aug. 30th, 2006 04:58 pm
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*does a little happy dance*

I finally have the sequel to Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, New Moon in my possession!

I thought I was going to have to wait until Sept.6, but five days ago, I called a bookstore I live nearby and the guy said he had a copy, but that he sold it already and that he was going to call me when another copy arrived. Well, about two today he called, and my brother took his bike and went to get it for me. (He had to buy a history book for his AP History class there as well, so he volunteered to get my book for me.)

I'm in love now. With a book.

I'll buy Twilight someday too, so I can have my own copy to gush over. And I'll also buy Eclipse next year when it's published. I'll have my own little library of Stephenie Meyer books.

I'm getting excited just thinking about it. :)

Now, I have to get back to reading it and gushing over all that is lovely.
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Summer makes me feel stupid... and lazy.

Seriously, even thinking now hurts my brain and gives me a headache. And I think a lot.

The heat is making me uncomfortable as well. I suppose that's why I like colder seasons better. I know. I'm weird. I'd hate living in Florida or some other sunshiny state. I'd be locked up inside like a vampire.

Oh, and speaking of vampires, is it September yet?

I want it to be September now. Or I'll surely go crazy waiting for the release of New Moon.

Yes, Stephenie Meyer has now become my all-time favorite author. Because before I didn't have one and now I do. Which is fantastic because I thought I was weird because I don't have many favorite stuff.

Oh, and I have a new obsession with coffeemate. It's sweet and much better than just putting sugar in your coffee.


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