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Title: A New Day
Day/Theme: February 13/ That time may cease and midnight never come
Series: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls
Character/Pairing: Gennosuke/Oboro
Rating: G
Notes: This is purely based on the book by Futaro Yamada, and not the manga Basilisk, or the movie. None of which belong to me. This also takes place pre-series before the book starts.

The moon had risen high above the blue-dark mountains, and met the two lovers in secret, covering the pathway with shadows of light for them to see by. )
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Just a note: these two are angsty. Not at all happy. Bleah.

Title: Tangible
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Doctor Who © Russell T. Davies and the BBC. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: It was as though he hadn't lost her, but his mind could never let him pretend.
Word Count: 178
He could've sworn he felt her there. )

Title: The Impossible
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Doctor Who © Russell T. Davies and the BBC. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Donna listens and ponders, but that's all she can do. And that is never enough, never enough for her.
Word Count: 330
Notes: This one contains a spoiler about a certain companion who'll be joining the Doctor in season four...

...he loves her. )
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There were a couple of drabbles written this week--which I've been too lazy to crosspost here until now.

Battle Between the Love and Envy | xxxHoLiC | Watanuki, Doumeki, Himawari | 109 Words | For [livejournal.com profile] hitsuzen_100's theme: The Thin Line Between Love and Hate |

Can't Wait Until We're Together Again | Harry Potter | Harry/Ginny (implied), Ron, Hermione | 100 Words | For [livejournal.com profile] hpgw100's theme: Long Day |
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As this is so late, it won't get posted to [livejournal.com profile] 31_days.

Title: You Can Always Be With Me
Day/Theme: January 16/It’s sane enough what I’m asking.
Series: Harry Potter
Character/Pairing: Ginny/Harry
Rating: G
Notes: Probably AU as this happens sometime before DH, but after the end of HBP.
(To be frank, she had always believed her older brother greatly exaggerated everything.) )
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Several retries of the prompt later...

Title: All the Things We Lose
Day/Theme: January 2/conjoined by mystery and fate
Series: Spirited Away
Character/Pairing: Chihiro/Kohaku
Rating: G

conjoined by mystery and fate )
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This would've been out before 3am today, but the computer decided to freeze up on me, and as I hadn't been clever enough as to save the drabbles somewhere else...I lost everything. (WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN?? THIS COMP IS SHITTY AND FROM '98- OF COURSE IT'LL UNEXPECTEDLY STOP WORKING IN THE MIDDLE OF SERIOUS WRITING BUSINESS!!)

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Spoilers for the latest season of Avatar in the first drabble, some blink-an-you'll-miss-em spoilers for Mediator, the fifth book.

Six Drabbles )
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Fandom: Twilight
Title: The sky is torn
Pairing/Character: Angela/Jacob
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Eclipse © Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: But love, as Angela finds out too late, is never convenient.
Word Count: 247
Notes: Just a quick inspiration that hit me tonight…angsty. Title from a Natalie Imbruglia song. AU for Eclipse, so really no spoilers.
There's just so many things that I can't touch )
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My first TW drabble, for [livejournal.com profile] tw100's challenge 44: Hotels

Title: Another Night, Another Dream
Author: moon_destiny
Characters: Gwen/Owen
Challenge: #44 Hotels
Rating: G
Notes: No spoilers.

He trails hot kisses down her neck. Her hands are in his dark hair. They spend the night in another cheap hotel and Gwen doesn't think about the fact that she has someone waiting at home for her. She loves Rhys. There's no doubt about it. But Owen makes it all exciting. There's a mystery with Owen that isn't there when she's with Rhys. She doesn't love Owen. She loves what she experiences with him. In the morning they get dressed and go their separate ways. She just wishes that she loves a different person and that person loves her.
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Fandom: Harry Potter

Title: You Left Me Longing For You

Rating: PG

Pairing: Ginny/Harry

Word Count: 244

Warnings: Spoilers for book #6: HBP.






That summer, after Ginny’s fifth year, was the hardest for the youngest Weasley. She had broken up with the boy whom she had a crush on since she first met him. It pained Ginny to let Harry go, but she understood that she had to. She didn’t want to be a clingy girlfriend.


But what she regretted the most was not being there with Harry---either as his girlfriend or his friend. So, she did the next best thing: she prayed every day for their safety for she figured if she couldn’t be there with them, she might as well keep them in her thoughts.


It was the only thing she could do. Fate hadn’t given her any other choice but to be obedient and not be on the frontlines of the impending war. She didn’t think that was fair at all, but if it was what Harry had wanted, she would do it. His happiness took precedence over hers.   


That didn’t mean that, once in awhile (or at least once a day), she didn’t long for Harry or cursed the war with all the foul knowledge she had. So at night she would hold a picture of him close to her chest, and she cried herself to sleep.


She believed, amidst all her pain and grief, that this had to end sometime. And she would be there with open arms to greet Harry, no matter whether he needed her open arms or not.


- END -



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I swear I was going to post this drabble up before Christmas ended, but, well, me and my clicking random buttons and having to repost everything. But, anyways, have an after-Christmas drabble, dear flist.

Selfish, Tsubasa, Kurogane, 200 words

He hated this crazy journey that Tomoyo-hime sent him on. All he wanted to do was to become strong. What was so wrong with that?

It wasn't his problem that he had to get all the feathers back and the kid seemed okay with not receiving his help.

Plus, the kid and the princess had the wizard's help. They would be alright, and they certainly looked as if they didn't need his help.

Yet, Kurogane had found himself passionately engaged at all the trouble they ran into in the Hanshin world.

So, he decided to throw away his refusal of not helping. After all, he was just doing it for himself. He was selfish after all, and he didn't think he could change. So, why even bother trying?

He was only looking out for himself. And no one else. He loved to fight... and if, along, the way, he happened to help out the kid and the princess from dying than that was something beyond his control.

He was selfish and he only looked out for himself because he had no one who needed his looking out for them. And his new companions certainly didn't fit the bill now.
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A Naruto drabble.

Ino leans her chin into her hand and sighs, looking at her semi-best friend, Sakura moving around the store, going from one flower to the next and then scowling at the flower.

"What are you doing?" She finally asks, getting annoyed with all the moving and annoyed looks the pink-haired girl gives to the flowers in her shop.

"I'm looking for the perfect flower."

"For whom? Lee already likes the flowers you send him to the hospital."

"They're not for Lee." Sakura looks at one tall stem of a yellow tulip and her face is delighted for a second, but then falls again in disappointment.

Ino looks confused.

"Then who are they for?"

Sakura finally glances up at Ino and gives her a small smile. "They're for someone who's misunderstood and feared in his village. But, I suppose there really isn't a perfect flower for him. It's okay, I'll keep looking. Bye, Ino!" She  waves happily to her friend and walks out of the flowershop.


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