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Excuse me while I vent a bit here.

I HATE double standards, and lemme tell ya, I get them a lot around here. For the most part, I can take it because I know my parents are deeply rooted in their old-fashioned ideals and whatnot, and it's not like they can change and it's not like I'm a confrontational person so I won't blow my top over it because that'd be childless and it won't solve anything but make me guilty later on. Although I have told my parents how much I hate that they treat me differently just because I'm a girl, and therefore inferior as opposed to my brothers. But- and I hate to admit it- they're probably right. Left to my own devices, I don't think I'd make it to my next birthday.

I know that my parents are only protecting me because there are a lot of bad things in the world, it's just kind of hard to like it in the moment, you know?

I don't know. And it's not like they baby me or anything, it's just when it comes to basic rules like when we're allowed to stay out till, and whatnot, I always get the short end of the stick. The brothers can stay out till midnight, but I can't stay out past eight unless someone is with me but my dear brothers don't have to adhere to the same rules, which just sucks because it's ridiculous. But I can't seem to do anything about it because they are right.

So basically I feel as though I'm stuck.

Just let me hope that it can get better when I'm actually an adult. (And being a few inches taller would help, you hear that Universe??)


This morning, twin brother and I found some ants near the potted plants in the kitchen on our way to school.

Brother promptly started to stomp on them, and I felt sad for the poor little creatures. They were just minding their own business and suddenly there's a big shoe coming down on them. It made me think of that Hey Little Ant book.

I know ants are annoying and everything, but they don't deserve to die. Sheesh.

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I am having a bad month, and I just wish I could go crawl in a cave somewhere.

I'd definitely be a lot safer there. <**>

I hurt my left knee so bad this morning. It only hurts when I bend it though, so walking normally is fine, but going up/down stairs is a hassle. The weird thing is I have no idea *how* in the world I got it hurt. I was in class, got out of my seat, and turning around, pain shot through my knee...

I probably just got a cramp, but I'd like to survive this month relatively undamaged- if that's not asking for too much.

Please, whoever is up there??


Some good news I heard today is older brother got an internship at this small design company in Scarbough. He's going to SMCC for a degree in computer media/graphics design...or something like that, and will work when he doesn't have class.

He's going to get paid, and hopefully get some experience working in the industry. ^^

I'm so happy for him!


So, April is in about six days, and you know what that means...NATIONAL POETRY MONTH.

I look foward to this all year long. ^)^

I all ready have some awesome poems all ready bookmarked to post, and this year I will not slack off and not post a poem everyday for the whole thirty days because poems are awesome and should be encountered every day of the year, and not just April.
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Have doctor's appointment today. And I'm not looking foward to seeing him today. I hate hospitals, for some reason they make me all jittery inside. And I'm nervous and not feeling well.

God, I just want today to be over with all ready.

But, on the bright side, at least I get today off from work. Of course I have to work tomorrow instead, but I love Wednesdays, much more than Tuesdays. I just hate Tuesdays in general, so it sucks for me to work on the day. But Wednesdays are good all around.

I think I'm just dreading the doctor's because of the results. I mean I don't think there's anything wrong with me, but you never know. And plus, I hate nutrionist people- well, not the people in general, just their job. I'm sure the people are nice and whatnot, but I hate, hate their job. But I gotta have one as of right now, so what can ya do?

Gonna go and try to eat amidst all the nervousness floating in my stomach now...
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I've been feeling kind of blah, lately.

I hope I'm not getting a bug or something. Mom is scheduling a physical exam for me soon, and I have to get a nutrionist soon. And have to hopefully check that everything else is okay with me because I've been feeling sort of irregular and I haven't had my period in about three months, so I'm kind of worried about that.

My menstrual cycle has been irregular before, but it has usually shown up by this time.

I've become a hypochondriac. It's so weird, usually I dismiss everything that's wrong with me as being minor and everything, but now it's just getting me depressed.

School is, ironically, going better than ever. (Of course that's because it is the only thing that I've allowed to eat my brain for weeks.) I'm even happy about my math grade (dude, a ninety...I hardly ever get those in algebra).


re: Hana Yori Dango live-action movie

I can't properly express my happiness right now...

Makino and Doumyouji, chase around the world??


Going to go back now and try to study without passing out and definitely try to not get stressed over everything, because that makes things even worse for me.

Easier said than done, though.
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The saddest thing in the universe:

NEW YORK - Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday in a Manhattan apartment in what police sources are calling an apparent suicide or accidental overdose. He was 28.

According to the New York Times, Ledger was found naked and unconscious with pills strewn all around him. Police sources told the Times that the death appeared to be a suicide or an accidental overdose.

The rest of the article's here.

I loved Heath. I first saw him in '10 Things I Hate About You.'

Honestly, I was very shocked to see this article on hotmail. Usually, celebrity deaths don't shock me. (They're sad and everything, but it's not as though it's personal.) But this was...unexpected and truly tragic.
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So, I've been thinking about fandom, and really, my participation in it. Y'see what I've noticed, more often than not, is when real life interferes and I'm not spending time in fandoms, when I finally have free time and try to jump back in, it's like I feel out-of-step. And it's just a really depressing feeling. I feel dragged down with all the stress of real life and fandom is then viewed as though it's a chore- something you have to do to not feel deprived of something- which it isn't, but when you try to acclimate yourself into that environment again even if you've been gone only for a short period of time, it flops back at you lifelessly and makes you think why am I stressing myself even more? But you cannot not go back to fandom even if you know it's not good for your overall health/mind.

It's addicting, I suppose then. But on the bright side, it only happens toward the beginning of me entering fandom again, after I've tried to avoid it for other pressing things.

And don't even get me started on how much school and real life drains me of inspiration- usually for everyone else (I've noticed), it's their muses' fuel, but for me, it just makes me listless and my brain empty of creative juices.
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It seems as though I don't have any free time for writing anymore. I actually have to forbid myself from opening Word. (If I do, I forget that I have homework and then I need to stay up late completing the homework, that's how much I get into it.)

And I'm actually inspired! (I'm writing three original stories simultanously.)

Why does everything happen backwards? When I have free time, I can't write to save my life, but when I actually am able to write, I don't have the time.

You know, I don't actually need to sleep.

Well, I do.

But, ooohhh, I'm so excited for tonight!! Season premiere of Ugly Betty in T minus eight minutes.
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I just want to rant a bit about books that're turned into movies.

So, has anyone here read those T*Witches books by H.B. Gilmour and Randi Reisfeld? Well, I loved them in elementary school and in 2006, I think it was, Disney Channel made a movie based on the books. Only it wasn't really a T*Witches movie, but something completely different that just had the same names as the two major characters in the book and the same premise (two twin sisters who find each other and do magic to battle evil).

I was disappointed, to say the least, that the movie wasn't as good as the books. I just wish that the people who created the movie really made a T*Witches movie, and not just an adaptation that was similiar to the books. I really wish that there was a movie for the books because I thought the books were pretty good and I would've liked to see a movie based on them... I dunno I guess I'm just saying that the movie disappointed me severly because it was so flat and cheesy. Not one character was the same as their book counterparts and they lacked characterization. I know it's Disney and it's for kids, but I truly believe that the movie could've been made a bit better and still retained that innocence for its audience. I was so excited when they annouced the movie, but it really didn't hold up to my expectations and that's what makes me feel so hopeless. (Also, I was thinking of something I heard RTD say once about how he wanted to make his new adaptation of Doctor Who good so that kids who saw it would know what was good and demand that of their television as they got older, but Disney is so counteracting what RTD is trying to do with his Doctor Who that it makes me feel hopeless for the kids who watch Disney but don't watch DW; did I say that I was feeling hopeless about this situation? It bears repeating, honestly.)

And I also think that they could have the movie be exactly like the books because the books aren't that long (it's not like they're HP length where they have to cut out almost everything).

It's a moot point, isn't? Because the movie people never listen and they take liberties with making books into movies when fans clearly don't like those liberties the movie people take! I understand that when making a book into a movie that some things have to be different because most movies run for only two hours, but they can have the major points/plots the same. Fans will be receptive to that, honestly. Otherwise, what's the point of making a book into a movie if you're going to change everything? Then don't say it's based on a book or it's this book turned into this movie because then the fans will get pissed off. Seriously. It's okay if a book inspires you, but if you change everything when you make that book into the movie, doesn't it not become a movie adaptation of that book? It becomes something clearly different. Something clearly bad.

(Oh, btw, the mouse problem is solved. Fast, I know. I have the best parents in the world. They ran off to the store this morning and brought me a wireless mouse, so that when I woke up [at 1pm, embarrasing really], everything was working- and for only $26. It's not too bad.)

Deja vu?

Sep. 22nd, 2007 10:20 pm
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So, the computer is giving me heartbreaks once again. I swear it's more temperamental than I am sometimes. It's not too bad though: the mouse is just not working for some reason. Something about a 'USB malfunction.' I've tried disconnecting the mouse and then reconnecting it again and then connecting another old one from my brother's laptop, but nothing. It's so irritating because technically everything works, but you can't click on anything. (Well you can- if you keep hitting the tab key and enter, but that gets bothersome after a while.) (Am using brother's computer to write this up.) Uuughhh, it's so frustrating; if it doesn't freeze up, it has to totally go bonkers on me.

So, we're gonna have to buy a new mouse and hopefully it'll work? (Which is frustrating in itself because money's been tight lately and I don't want to waste my money on a mouse, but it looks as though we won't have any choice.)

The good news is there are only two more episodes until the season finale of Doctor Who (well it's not really good news, but I am very excited because the episodes look freakin' awesome and I'm looking forward to the Doctor's new companion in season four; I loved her in  The Runaway Bride special and I think she'll be better than Martha).

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Oh, dear lord the nausea is returning!

I do not understand why I'm feeling so nauseous. It's not the first time I've sprained my ankle; and I'm not sure it'll be the last time either ):

I actually think I was unconcious for a second there. Everything was black for a second and when I opened my eyes, I was on the floor. Not that I even remembered closing my eyes in the first place.

Dad gave me some water and tended to my sprained ankle. I've been watching tv ever since.

I'm not sure if any of you have ever sprained or broken your ankles, but it's not exactly a pleaseant feeling. I know the nausea I felt was normal, but the dizzyness and the fainting were a new experience.

I think the sick feeling only comes when I try to stand on it, so as long as I hop to the bathroom, I think I'll be fine. It is a bit swollen, but nothing horrible.

I really believe that it was not my fault this time! It was dark coming down those stairs and I made it fine until that last big one.

On the upside, I'll be going to bed early because of it. I need me sleep. ^^

I also want to pimp [livejournal.com profile] fanatic_poetry. Now. Because I'm actually the mod and I should pimp it. It's not very active, right now, but you could make it so. (Love my advertising? *g*)

And you should read this. I actually read through the whole article yesterday because it's funny and it actually could pertain to me- which is why I'm linking to it. Because it pertains to me (unlike all the other MSN articles that I waste my time trying to read when I could be doing other things) and not just because it's common sense.
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So, on my fifteen minute break from my job today, I ran across the street from the library to this bookstore nearby and I asked the saleslady there if they had Eclipse and she said that it's out of print and that they'll get more. So, they'll call me once they get restocked.

Yeah, it's all fine and dandy. I've waited a full year. I can probably wait some more.

I think we all know what this means now. I'm probably going to spoil myself rotten.

No. Must resist the temptation.

*twiddles thumbs and whistles*

Yep, I can wait...I'm probably going to get it by the end of the week, or sooner. Right? Yes. Absolutely.

My Facebook horoscope, it knows me so well:
Taurus: Don't be too disappointed if something you've been looking forward doesn't go as planned this week. You've got to go with the flow.

I'm actually really just going to go 'with the flow.'

I just realized that maybe I should have swung by the bookstore earlier or called...I can be such a scatterbrain sometimes, it's scary. Guh.


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