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Troublesfest is live! Well, the actual-getting-to-read-the-stories portion at any rate. The author reveal will happen a week from today. Oh gosh, I have to wait that long to find out who wrote me this very awesometastic story?! It doesn't seem fair.

Otoh, I think my own giftee will hate their story because my own attempt was so very bad. -_- Why do I have to suck at writing? I liked the premise of it, and the summary came to me before the whole fic did, which never happens so it was surprising and I thought it'd make the fic easier to write (oh how very wrong I was). Also, having the summary before I had the fic written out made it easier to see where the fic wanted to go, but harder to *actually* get it there, and the summary changed from draft to final product.

I wonder if anyone will (correctly) guess what I wrote?

I got this very lovely story:
Rating: Not Rated
Archive Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: Gen, F/M
Fandom: Haven
Relationships: James Cogan/Arla Cogan, Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos, Audrey Parker & James Cogan
Characters: James Cogan, Arla Cogan, Audrey Parker, Lucy Ripley, Sarah Vernon
Additional Tags: Family, Season/Series 03 Spoilers, Backstory
Collections: TroublesFest 2013
Summary: James, from Sara to Audrey and all his mothers in between.

The Cogans are actually an intriguing pair of characters! But so difficult to write that I kinda feel like an asshole for requesting a story with him (weeeeelll only a little, I did request Duke/Audrey/Nathan too) but he's my actual favorite. Like we're all supposed to like Audrey and Nathan and Duke and I do, but it's a freakin' surprise how much I love James considering how little we saw of him.


Ah, I have one other Haven story I'm been working on for one of my [community profile] trope_bingo cards, but the Duke/Nathan sex is just not wanting to happen right now. WHYYYYYY 2026 words is enough of the angst and development.
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Awesomely awesome links/stuffies:

The first eight chapters are online/free. And the book will be published um...sometime? I don't really know. But if you like strong femal characters, check it out!

+ Kink_bingo is starting up and while I've not been comfortable enough with my own writing of kinky stories yet to fully sign up, the fanworks produced by awesome people are awesome! Including these essays which I've found informative/fun to read:
Ramp-up Essay: Making Fanworks For Kinks That Aren't Yours, or, "Oh God, How Do I Do THAT Square?"
Ramp-up Post: Let's writing on the body!
Ramp-Up Essay: From Kinky Fanworks to Kinky Practice

+ Also, I've been trying to get back into the groove of reccing because, once upon a time, I did love to rec the awesome stories I read, but then college got in the way and once you let a month go by of not reccing or whatnot, you don't feel so bad about it having been two years since the last update. The reccing journal I (try to) maintain is here on LJ and mirrored on Dreamwidth too.

(yes - I know I overuse the word awesome. It's a character flaw.)
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"A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire1, of a Child in London
Dylan Thomas

Never until the mankind making
Bird beast and flower
Fathering and all humbling darkness
Tells with silence the last light breaking
And the still hour
Is come of the sea tumbling in harness

And I must enter again the round
Zion2 of the water bead
And the synagogue of the ear of corn
Shall I let pray the shadow of a sound
Or sow my salt seed
In the least valley of sackcloth to mourn

The majesty and burning of the child's death.
I shall not murder
The mankind of her going with a grave truth
Nor blaspheme down the stations of the breath
With any further
Elegy of innocence and youth.

Deep with the first dead lies London's daughter,
Robed in the long friends,
The grains beyond age, the dark veins of her mother,
Secret by the unmourning water
Of the riding Thames.
After the first death, there is no other.

1 During the firebombing of London, known as the Blitz, in World War II
2 Heaven (from a Palestinian citadel, the nucleus of Jerusalem)


Also, if anyone feels obliged indulging me - what are your favorite sad songs? I'm compiling a playlist of sad songs to listen to while writing (because I've found having the right music on in the background is the perfect catalyst to be in the right mood for what I need to be writing) . This brought to by my creative writing teacher who gave us "little coffin" as this week's writing prompt. Yes, I don't think I'm clever enough yet to make that a *humorous* story so might as well cave in and try to make my whole class sob as much as possible. It's possible that I am a little evil. But only a little. :D

So far my list includes:

Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss"
Scorpions "Wind of Change"
Stone Sour's "Through Glass"
Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On"
Sia's "Breathe Me"
Birdy's "Skinny Love" and "Shelter"
Snow Patrol's "Run"
James Blunt's "Goodbye My Lover" (which doesn't help if you've seen Ten/Rose fanvids set to this song)
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I kept waiting for some awesome Mason/Alaric/Damon and wheeeeeee!! someone finally answered my prayers - Here Comes Another Fall from Grace (I'm Always Falling On My Face)

And this is the lone story I wrote for Fall Fandom Free For All:
Sigh. It doesn't look like I'll be filling in any of the other prompts. Some are awesome and I'd like to write more for it, but the blankness I get whenever I try to start one of them is mocking me and so I start hating it and walk away in a huff. Well, fine prompt, if you don't want to be written, I won't write you. *iz five*

Speaking of writing, I started a document a while ago where I drop random titles that pop into my head for future stories that I might want to write. So far there are only several titles with no stories:

oo1: this isn't the apocalypse, but if it were, there'd be more angst

oo2: all the right moves

oo3: strawberry girl

oo4: the last will and testament of bruce wayne

oo5: the batgirl club

Of course, it also happens that the ideas I do have floating in my head and that I'm trying to write down have no titles. I don't even know.

Also, more speaking of writing: trolling[livejournal.com profile] mini_nanowrimo's friends' page, I found that someone had linked to something called Yarny...which looks like it's a writing program. Or something. For serious writers, who attempt novels every November (aka people who are NOT me but it looks fun to fool around with).

I haven't fooled around with it too much, but it looks like a plain Word document that also acts like an outline thingy. (I know there're similar programs out there but they cost money and this one looks like it's free>.) Which is yay for me because outlining for me does not end pretty. It's also providing to be useful for when I'm not on my own laptop, I can just log-in and access all my stuff (I know I could just email things back and forth between myself or have a private entry on here, but I'm pretty horrid at keeping updated versions and this saves automatically so you don't have to keep re-sending yourself emails or re-editing journal entries). Because I try to not turn on my own laptop until I get all my studying done and out of the way, but sometimes inspiration strikes and I can use my parents' notebook to jot things down. So there's that. And it has tags too, and you can color-code stuff *nerdgasm*.

And it's been awesomely easier for me to keep track of mini_nanowrimo stuff and daily wordcounts because there's a built-in word counter!! yayyy!! and I don't have to have a million word documents of sh*t saved on this - when I'm basically running out of disk space, as it is.


And my anime self:

I tried to put this up on Tumblr where I got it from but the image preview thingy is wonky and the image ends up being a very teeny, tiny not-quite-like-the-others image. Bah. So here's the site.
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Porn Battle 12 is here! For the porn battle, I prompted (mostly for my own reference):

American Dragon: Jake Long, Jake/Rose, [any], sweet
Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sokka/Suki, home, protected
Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko/Katara, fire, ice, melt
Big Wolf on Campus, Lori/Stacy, first, monsters, night, raspberries, shameless
Big Wolf on Campus, Tommy/Merton, anonymous, dildo, practice
Cardcaptor Sakura, Clow Reed/Yue, dreams, finger, forgotten, memories, neck, obey, precious, replacement, rimming, treasure
Cardcaptor Sakura, Touya/Yukito, dreams, fever, heat, love, nightmare, snow
Charmed, Phoebe/Cole, date, perks
Charmed, Piper/Leo, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, kitchen, study, old
DCU, Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, [any]
DCU, Dick Grayson/Koriand'r/Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance, dinner, gay, showers
DCU, Stephanie Brown/Cassandra Cain, sweaty, teacher/student
DCU, Zachary Zatara/Tim Drake, loneliness, public!sex
DCU, Zatanna Zatara/Wonder Woman, magic
Fairytales, Beauty/Beast, genderbend
Frasier, Niles Crane/Daphne Moon, flavors, pain, salty, tattoo
Friends, Joey/Ross, [any], porn
Friends, Monica/Chandler, hair, smile
Greek Mythology, Eros/Psyche, hope, invisible!sex
Greek Mythology, Hades/Persephone, darkness, fire
Harry Potter, Charity Burbage/Severus Snape, [any], tea
Harry Potter, Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, full-moon, stars
One Tree Hill, Karen Roe/Deb Scott, alcohol, burning, dress-up, hotel, lipstick, secrets, tongue
One Tree Hill, Keith Scott/Lucas Scott, anal, experienced, older
One Tree Hill, Lucas Scott/Peyton Sawyer, art, denial, finally, sadness
Psych, Gus/Juliet, contrast, geekdom, pegging
Psych, Karen Vick/Juliet O'Hara, dance, heat
Psych, Shawn/Lassiter, car-sex, roleplay, procedure, truth
Roswell (tv series), Isabel Evans/Jesse Ramirez, honey-moon, reunion
Roswell (tv series), Max Evans/Liz Parker, fetish, transfer
Roswell (tv series), Michael Guerin/Maria DeLuca, long-distance, midnight
Sailor Moon (anime), Ami Mizuno/Naru Osaka, [any], red-heads
Sailor Moon (anime), Rei Hino/Makoto Kino, lace, red, thunder
Sailor Moon (anime), Usagi Tsukino/Mamoru Chiba, experimentation
Shakespeare in Love, Viola/Shakespeare, [any]
Shelter, Tori/Gabe, rebound
Shelter, Zach/Shaun, books, money, tight
Smallville, Chloe Sullivan/Dinah Lance, [any], licking, roses, teeth
Smallville, Chloe/Oliver, cravings, distance, fight, oil, pregnant
Smallville, Clark/Lois, light, wedding
Spider-Man (movies), Peter Parker/Harry Osborn, convenience, sucking
Spider-Man (movies), Peter Parker/Harry Osborn/Norman Osborn, hot, jealousy, sharing, restrained, ties
Stargate Atlantis, Elizabeth Weir/Sam Carter, [any], diplomacy, vacation
Stargate Atlantis, Evan Lorne/David Parrish, bondage, sticky
Stargate Atlantis, Jeannie Miller/Teyla Emmagan/Jennifer Keller, [any], comfort, roleplay, sickness
Stargate Atlantis, Jennifer Keller/Ronon Dex, infirmary!sex, orders, pegging
Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, canvas, home-remodeling, MIA
Suite Life on Deck, Bailey/London, [any], stranded
The Princess Diaries 2 (2004), Nicholas Devereaux/Mia Thermopolis, angry!sex, public!sex
The Vampire Diaries (TV series), Alaric/Jenna, physical, secrets
The Vampire Diaries (TV series), Damon/Jeremy, anger, nothing, toy
The Vampire Diaries (TV series), Elijah/Katherine, hunger, indulgence, mistakes, past, thirst
The Vampire Diaries (TV series), Jeremy/Tyler, fix, pet, wolfsbane
The Vampire Diaries (TV series), Rose/Damon, dream, lazy, sun
The Vampire Diaries (TV series), Stefan/Elena, cut, bleed, perfume
Troy (2004), Achilles/Briseis, AU, beauty, bite, blood, breasts, bruises, dirty, grapes, hand, happiness, masturbation, mortality, mine, peace, sin, stars, sun, temple, territory, unfamiliar, vengeance, warmth, wine
X-Factor (Marvel), Monet/Guido, desperate, flowers, late
X-Factor (Marvel), Rictor/Shatterstar, babysitting, interruptions, power
Young Avengers (Marvel), Kate/Cassie, [any], bath, beauty, make-up
Young Avengers (Marvel), Teddy/Billy, [any], geek, kissing, touching
Young Justice (animated tv series), Artemis/Megan, fingering, blondes
Young Justice (animated tv series), Kaldur/Tula/Garth, [any]
Young Justice (animated tv series), Megan/Conner, [any], telepathy
Young Justice (animated tv series), Roy/Wally, blowjob, gingers, leather, lovers, tease, strip-poker, wall!sex

I've only got one fill, but will hopefully try to get more. (I've started two entirely different fills for two fandoms already but am thinking they might not PB material, so we'll see if they end up being WIPs or getting scrapped.)

Some recs:

Greek Mythology

Banked Fires [Persephone/Hades]

Burn [Persephone/Hades]

White Room [Persephone/Hades]

Harry Potter

Silence is Silver [Sirius/Remus]
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I swear I'll post something not related to porn sometime soonish. (Maybe. Possibly. Quite likely.) It's just I'm in that place right now where I have way too much to focus on that I don't know where to even begin so reading porn is a nice reprieve.

Porn Battle XI is now over, sadly. Though I've written several ficlets, I wish I could've gotten to more. I guess there's always next time.

And now onto recs!

Big Wolf on Campus
When You're Around [Tommy/Merton]


Love is the Prerogative of the Brave [Beauty & The Beast, Prince Adam(Beast)/Belle]

prompt: animal instincts [Beauty & the Beast, Beast/Belle]

Arouse and Arouse [Sleeping Beauty, Aurora/Prince Phillip]

prompt: clean [Cinderella/Snow White, Cinderella/Snow White]

prompt: sleepy [Sleeping Beauty/Snow White, Aurora/Snow White]

Fairy Tales

Consuming Rose [Beauty & the Beast, Beast/Belle]

prompts: smooth, cold [Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty, Briar Rose/Cinderella]

Fairy Tales [Snow White, Snow White/Huntsman]

Greek Mythology

prompts: pomegranate, choice [Persephone/Hades]

prompts: invert, laughter, flirt [Persephone/Hades]

prompts: differences, fit together, fair [Persephone/Hades]

Spring of Our Parting [Persephone/Hades]

Harry Potter

prompt: elegance [Fleur/Hermione]


Sneaking About [Carly/Sam]

Star Wars
Belonging [Padme/Anakin]

The Vampire Diaries

A Braid of Secrets [Caroline/Tyler]

Distraction [Alaric/Jenna]

prompts: voyeur, distractions, rules, trouble, attention whore [Damon/Alaric/Jenna]

Pissed Off [Alaric/Damon]
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My older brother and his girlfriend came back from vacationing in the Philippines and Korea for a week early/late Sunday morning. For a few hours in the early/late morning, while my parents went to Boston to pick them up from the airport (because their flight came in at midnight and there apparently weren't any buses, I have no idea, they just needed a ride home from the airport) I was left ALONE. Thankfully, the house didn't burn down and no one dangerous came in to kidnap/rob me (apparently, I have a pretty wild imagination that makes things way worse for me than they are in reality).


Last night, I stayed up until four in the morning looking at HP fanart. I only look at fanart in "binges" - that is insane amount of time passes before I encounter anything, and then once I start, I can't stop at just ONE. It's an illness and if anyone discovers a cure, I will happily volunteer to be your guinea pig to try it first.

Seven Gen Recs )

One James/Lily Rec )

Four Sirius/Remus Recs )

(pretty much all of these I found over at [profile] crack_broom, where I spend an unhealthy amount of time lurking. AND SO SHOULD YOU.)


And: Random Thoughts I've Had About Harry Potter

*It would be awesome to meet Neville's grandmother because she sounds awesome.

*So if one were to suppose that Lily didn't choose James and had actually married Snape, would Harry Potter still be Harry Potter? The Boy Who Lived? Or would Snape and Lily's child be someone completely different? Would the prophecy about Harry still hold true? Or would it fall on Neville to battle the Dark Lord? (Maybe I'm misremembering things but I could've sworn I read something about Neville and Harry being born almost hours apart from each other and that had something to do with the prophecy Harry found in the Ministry. Can't find the passage now.)

*Why in the world is Brian a part of Dumbledore's extremely long name?
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Shawn/Lassiter fics recced by category and alphabetized by title - also some gen and het snuck in here too.

Read more... )

1. Most of these stories can fit into more than one category - like they can fit both into the multi-part romance and smut category, but because I'm lazy, will just put it into one category.

2. Multi-part romance fics only list completed long fics as I don't read WIPs until they're finished. Probably missing a lot of fantastic fics, but this way I can be assured the story's finished.

Please feel free to comment with your own recs; this is still a major work in progress as there's new fic popping up all the time (and some I haven't gotten around to reading yet).
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Shawn/Lassiter fics recced by category and alphabetized by title - also some gen and het sneaked in here too.

Read more... )

1. Most of these stories can fit into more than one category - like they can fit both into the multi-part romance and smut category, but because I'm lazy, will just put it into one category.

2. Multi-part romance fics only list completed long fics as I don't read WIPs until they're finished. Probably missing a lot of fantastic fics, but this way I can be assured the story's finished.

Please feel free to comment with your own recs; this is still a major work in progress as there's new fic popping up all the time (and some I haven't gotten around to reading yet).
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I updated/changed my profile tonight. Honestly, the html was driving me nutso and I had to squint to read anything (that was my fault- the hex codes weren't cooperating). So I discarded it completely. I like it this way: black & white is always the way to go.

So, that this post isn't completely useless, I bring some good fanart recs (well- what I consider good fanart).

Spirited Away
[Haku/Chihiro] Promise by arriku: This pic has bland colors and makes you feel serene. I really like her Chihiro and Haku; they look very real (animation-real that is).

[Ishida] White Knight by orin: Wow. That's all I can say about this fanart. I really like the colors here and his expression.

Cowboy Bebop
[Spike] Spike by TheCapatin: This fanart is really a simple picture of Spike, but it's nice to look at and Spike's expression seems really content and it's just...nice.

Sailor Moon
[Sailor Chibi Moon/ChibiUsa] Sailor Chibi Moon by Ayvens: I especially like the colors here. They make the pic real and alive and it just goes so well. I also think her anatomy of the drawing is pretty good.

Ever After
[Danielle/Henry] Ever After by Terrauh: I really like that this was done in pencil because it makes it look majestic and the black really gives the drawing fullness.

Doctor Who
[Ten/Rose] Lists by SarcasticFox: I just love this because I'm a pure Ten/Rose fan. It's so cute & like a short, funny comic. I love sketches because they're rough. ~♥♥♥

[Edward/Bella, Alice] Twilight Collage by vintagepixie5: Ha, what Alice probably sees happening in Twilight. I also liked how the author also left the faces blank- it's more classy and artsy to me.

[Edward, Emmett, Alice] Edward doesn't like rap by SimplyDelightfulx: Omg, this was hilarious! Emmett thinks that he can get Edward to like rap, even when Alice tells him that he won't. Emmett, you shouldn't bet against Alice.

[Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Alice] Jasper has an idea by SimplyDelightfulx: Another funny comic from the author above. The Cullens are totally not canon, but you can't help but love this. Jasper tries to beat Emmett at arm-wrestling by cheating. Read to find out how. ^^


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