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» Actors who I love are continuing to say dismissive and hurtful things: Tyler Posey had this to say about Sterek. Dude, I get being bitter and resentful, but that's crossing a line.*

*I'm still not over that Clark Gregg interview where he insinuated that people giving up on Agents of SHIELD because it didn't feature Thor or Stark or anyone else from The Avengers/Marvel-in-general were "losers".

» Speaking of Marvel, I'm so freaking ecstatic I'm not the only one who'd give up a first-born to see a Runaways movie being made, or the only one still getting up every day and asking myself, is today the day I get my Runaways movie?* Drew Pearce and how Marvel's Runaways are more like The Godfather in tone. I mean both BKV, and Whedon have written for this comic, get on that Marvel people.

*I mean Runaways the comic here--six teenagers with powers who find out their parents are all evil, and run away to forge their own path, not the Dakota Fanning movie about female rockers.
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Oh look what's back. And to think, if only I was disciplined and did one each day, I'd probably be half-way done by now.

larger image: http://oi50.tinypic.com/10oe1z7.jpg
from: Astonishing X-Men #50

This is only a two-page cameo by Natasha in this book, nothing big, but well I was quite surprised by it and it felt like a great little nod to Wolverine's past days as an Avenger and that Natasha Romanov is one BAMF.

Also it's a funny moment, with Warbird's outsider moment bringing in some relief from this wild goose chase the characters seem embroiled in. (And for me, it sort of brings down the utter...scariness of the character, for lack of a better word. Warbird is a warrior woman from an alien planet; she's a character who loves combat and is not afraid to slice off heads of her enemies. Yep...she really did that. But this moment sort of shows that she's just in a strange land and still getting used to it and that she's not always ragey and combative, sword at the ready. I dunno; despite not knowing her very well, I already like her.)
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from: Astonishing X-Men #50
larger image: http://oi50.tinypic.com/x5taqf.jpg

I got nothing. They're just awesome boys, okay? (And Astonishing X-Men is actually an awesome book to acquire in terms of getting into the main X-men comic books. Why are there so many different X-men titles?)
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Meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish

so this meme asked for the top ten sites that aren't about *books* - comics aren't books though so I'm not really cheating. Right? I don't know. I do my own thing.

1. Tumblr: I feel like tumblr is the amalgamation of EVERY SITE ever on the Internet (and this list). But with more graphics and less annoying changes. I am on there way more than I need to be.
2. iFanboy: where I go for the majority of comics news; they also have nifty top 5 lists too and I can't resist lists (example: Top 5 Deaths of Jonathan Kent).
3. Archive of Our Own: this is the fan fiction site I left Fanfiction.net for (god FF.Net totally irritated me there for a few years with all of their changes and having to post anything new was such a hassle)
4. Comixology: so getting into comics is a bit daunting, getting into digital comics is EVEN more daunting, but I think sites like these facilitate that exchange.
5. Marvel: besides just being a great online encyclopedia of Marvel characters, the blog posts are worth a read as well.
6. DCComics: I really like their Preview Mondays and they've started doing creator profiles that are awesome - full list of creator portraits.
7. Comic Book Resources: while I get most of my comics news from iFanboy a lot of the time, the reason I really like CBR is they have previews of awesome comics that are due out that Wednesday or whatnot (um, I should say I am not all that enamored of its forums and stay away from them - and pretty much anything else with a lot of comments - but they do have awesome reviews and columns and blog posts like 'The Ten Cruelest Things Joss Whedon Has Done To His Characters').
8. Wil Wheaton's blog: so in my obsession-that-came-out-of-nowhere-and-punched-me-in-the-face phase of watching Eureka and seeing Wil Wheaton as the ass-holey Dr. Parrish (...I hope he won't always be cast in tv shows as the jerk character, I really, really hope), I somehow became a fan of his and then made my way over to his blog? Who the hell knows how these things happen. This post was especially awesome. (He also has some posts talking about the comics he's into at the moment which are relevant to me.)
9. Aria's Ink: the truly awesomest Sailor Moon site that's still alive and kicking (you have no idea how many awesome SM sites are long gone). And is SOOO awesome. I am not be as active there as I once was and I kind of feel sad about that, but you sometimes move away from your childhood interests and that's okay.
10. Twitter: gosh, Twitter is like the website that excuses you from talking about yourself nonstop about what you had for lunch; sure it's also practical for following famous people and authors and creators of awesome things, but it's mostly about ourselves, come on, who are we kidding.
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from: X-Factor #207
larger image: http://oi45.tinypic.com/bhlgcp.jpg

X-Factor the comic is a spin-off of the X-Men title featuring characters from the X-Men stories. (Just trying to list all the X-Men titles since the inception of the comic in the '60s is enough to make your head spin off [god that was an unintentional pun].)

I have a time hard describing X-Factor beyond that. I first jumped in with like issue #215 and then went back to only issue #200 to get caught up and random two digit issues since then. Another reason why it's difficult is the title changed so much since it was first published in 1986. The way to go about describing it, as I know it in its current formation, is that it's basically a mutant detective agency (that's the simplest answer).

Throughout its 20+ years of publication, the team roster has changed a lot. First it was comprised of the original five X-men - Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Angel, and Iceman; then these five went their separate ways then came back, then they were mutant-hunters who pretended to be normal people to hunt mutants only to secretly train them to be "normal" and reintegrate them back into society (we can guess how well that went with the mutant community). Then they turned into a government team with all-new members for the first eight years in the beginning of the '90s - with some of the members also in the current run of the series now, Multiple Man, Polaris, Havok, Wolfsbane and Strong Guy; they then changed members again; then they were a Mutant Civil Rights Task Force but that is confusing as all hell even though it was only a 4-issue limited miniseries and finally we come to its current manifestation as a detective agency led by Multiple Man called X-Factor Investigations. -deep breath- Yep, that was a brief summary from Wikipedia, god bless it.
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From: Avengers: The Children's Crusade #9
larger image: http://oi46.tinypic.com/muvf50.jpg

AND - because I feel you need this scene too-

larger image: http://oi45.tinypic.com/2mzw9di.jpg

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Seriously, that is all need be said.

(Also, this won't be the only time the Young Avengers appear on this list, so of course I will talk more about them later.)
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

Saw [livejournal.com profile] lil_1337 and [livejournal.com profile] frith_in_thorns doing this on their 'journals and thought it looked like fun.

My theme/topic: 100 AWESOME COMIC BOOK MOMENTS (these will most likely entail 'shipping moments - because BILLY AND TEDDYY KISSSSSSSSS FINALLY LIKE AFTER 12-ISSUES AND TWO CROSSOVER EVENTS PLUS 9-ISSUES OF AVENGERS: CHILDREN'S CRUSADE - but there will also be character moments too and/or individual/group scenes from old and new comics. I don't really know right now; kinda am winging it at the moment.)


why, no this is not an excuse to talk about comics even more and all the time - well maybe it kinda is.


Speaking of comics (well kinda), Thor 2 movie news is apparently that a new villain will appear in the sequel. That's OMGGG YAY! Because I am finding myself sympathetic toward Loki the villain in the first movie and I kinda don't want him to be the evil EVERY TIME (like in The Avengers) ? OK? It's like Loki isn't inherently evil so much as he can be a bastard sometimes. But that's kind what sibling rivalry is about? Though with Thor and Loki it's kind taken to the extreme.

I have seen fan comments about how fans of Loki romantice his character and that comics!Loki is an evil bastard who shouldn't be liked. And maybe that's true? I am not familiar with comics!Loki except for that one Free Comic Book Day issue where Thor and Captain America (this is before they join Avengers because they don't seem to know each other) end up in Camelot and they find that Loki is masquerading as Merlin the magician and tricking King Arthur and the knights of the round table. But that's not so much evil as mischievous. And it was a really nice, awesome issue.

I just have a lot of Loki feelings, I guess. (And THE AVENGERS might change my mind about him once I actually see it.)
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So yesterday I went to the comic store for Free Comic Book Day. I got a bag of goodies including a sample where Captain America & Thor team-up, an Amazing Spider-Man comic, another team up comic between Young Justice and Batman, a Green Lantern comic, and an Archie comic featuring Betty and Veronica and Sonic The HedgeHog. I only read the Captain American & Thor, Amazing Spider-Man, and Archie comics, will probably get to the others sometime soon. Archie comics as a whole don't interest me and this free comic read more for like little kids, but I loved the Amazing Spider-Man and Cap & Thor comics. HOLY MOLY is all I can say. (But I'm naturally a Spider-Man fan so it was a guarantee I'd like it and the Cap & Thor comic I only gave it a try because there was a post for it at scans_daily and I realized what I've been missing by not reading it. SO MUCH GOODNESS IN SO FEW PAGES!! Half the fun of reading comics is having other people to talk about it with, because again, SO MUCH GOODNESS and it needs to be shared. SO PLEASE PLEASE GIVE COMICS A TRY. I hardly know anybody in RL who is into comics - or on here either - and that is a shame because, trust me, COMICS ARE AWESOME, COMICS ARE THE BEST. I know they don't have "literary" merit like classic novels like War & Peace, Pride & Prejudice, Life of PI, and numerous others but that doesn't mean their stories aren't as good as some that are found in those "literary" books.)

And then after getting my free comics, I brought Young Avengers & Runaways: Civil War, all four issues of the crossover between the YA and the Runaways. I believe I already talked some about how freakin' awesome Runaways comics are and I knew there was a crossover between them and the YA - which is another awesome comic about teenagers but one I don't have in my collection currently and have only seen certain scans of and not the whole thing so I wanted to refrain from talking about it until I start reading it from the beginning - and knew I had to get it.

And then I found out my local comic store also carries current issues of X-Factor (!!!!!!!). So, as a late birthday present for myself, I brought:

(I definitely want to complete my meager collection of X-Factor comics so will definitely go back and try to find the ones I'm missing - unfortunately these were all the ones I could find at the store - well these and some others like issues #38-#45, but I didn't know what these issues were about so I held off on buying them for now.)

I had already read these issues online before but albeit illegally. So am now supporting the artists and writers who work on them because that'd be the right thing to do (and I totally know I'd get my money's worth because I had already previewed them and liked them, but that's not the major point here). *nods*

Look at me, supporting Peter David and other awesome comic artists and writers by buying their comics! Which everyone should do if it's feasible.

(It was weird the comic store didn't have X-Factor #217 as it was published a month ago; I really wanted this current issue. I hope they get it soon and that it's just a case of it being delayed getting here and not something HORRIBLE. BECAUSE THERE'S A CAMEO BY SPIDER-MAN. SPIDER-MAN AND X-FACTOR!!!! WHY WOULD ANYONE BE SURPRISED I'M A FANGIRL?!! Oh and there's a cameo by Black Cat too who's awesome but who I haven't read too much about but MAINLY IT'S PETERRRRRRR!!! WHO HAS MY HEART!! And issue #218 came out sometime in the last week of April so am thinking will have to wait a while to get that issue too. :(( Pooey. I don't think I'm ever gonna be ready to read it though because it looks like they might kill off one of the main characters - GUIDO!!!!!!!! HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO YOU?!!! ARE YOU REALLY GONNA DIEEEEE??? YOU CAN'T???!! MAN, I NEED THIS ISSUE LIKE YESTERDAY!@! And I really want to find out why there are people trying to kill Jameson. I mean, there's no mystery that Jameson has enemies, but still...exciting stuff.)

So after blowing about $36 on comics, I thought I didn't have any more money left so I thought I couldn't get the book I was hoping to get by now. (It was Meg Cabot's Abandon. Ah well, maybe next month.) But I did find some twenty dollar bills at the bottom of my bag after I got home so I definitely could've brought it right then and there and I'm kicking myself now for not buying it. Ah, well, I guess I get some points for exercising some control.

Awesome people at scans_daily at Dreamwidth have already scanned some awesome pictures from the free comic sample of Amazing Spider-Man: here and Cap & Thor: here with cameos from Merlin & King Arthur. Wheeeeeeeeee!


Oh, and for my birthday, I got a lot of awesome things including two new pairs of shoes from my parents, some money from my brother, and a lovely fanart piece of John and Rodney by the lovely and awesome [livejournal.com profile] ribbon_purple. :D So yeah, I didn't technically celebrate it as I was freaking out about an English presentation I had to do that fell exactly on my birthday and I'm buried now in studying for finals that start tomorrow. But it was a lovely way to enter my 20th year of being alive (20 freakin' years old!!!!! Man it's scaring writing that.)


So yesterday was filled with a lot of excitement and fangirly squeals and me huggling my new, shiny comics even though I should've been studying. Although, remind me to never wear high-heeled shoes again. Because, while they're awesome and adorable and make me about two inches taller, they kill my feet when I have to go traipsing all over the city for extended periods of time. (They weren't killing me on my way to the comic store, just on my way back home so there was that small miracle. Ugh, why must you adorable shoes betray me so??) *still massaging her poor toesies and her battered ankles 24 hours later* Man, the things I endure for my comics obsession...
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Silver Surfer: Requiem was sooo awesome! Like I can't even tell you guys. The story was poetic and lovely and sad and the art was gorgeous. Even if you aren't a fan of the Silver Surfer or comics or the Fantastic Four or Spider-Man, seriously just pick it up if you have a chance. (It also helps that this is a mini and not part of the big canon that is the Fantastic Four comic-verse so you don't need any background knowledge other than the basics of who the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man are.)

J. Michael Straczynski is known for writing for Amazing Spider-Man and artist Esad Ribic is known for working on Loki.

Here are several pages excerpted courtesy of [community profile] scans_daily. (Just in case you think I'm making up the sheer beauty that is this comic and want proof.)


Also have fallen in love with Runaways. I spoiled myself on everything what happens but even when I know something is going to happen, it still comes as a shock when I get to it. (Like I know Alex was the mole from like issue #13 of volume one and I figured I'd hate him for betraying his friends and siding with his evil parents. But...his death still makes me all teary. And his parents weren't evil from the beginning so I can sympathize with them, even if I still don't like any of them. I mean they did kinda redeem themselves by sacrificing themselves for their children there at the end.)

I know Runaways and Young Avengers crossover at some point and will hopefully get to read that. I'm sad to learn that Runaways is on hiatus after just three volumes. There are a few things I want in life, I think I can safely add that wanting Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona to come back to Runaways is one (or heck anyone who ever worked on the comic - and there were a few teams in the short amount of volumes they had). There was also a talk about a movie adaption but Marvel shelved that too. Which, okay, I get: Marvel, you have a lot of projects going on. Good for you, just please get back to this one. Please. (Although if it was a choice between having either a movie or continuation of the comic, I'd pick the latter in a heartbeat, no question.)

I dunno. I just think Runaways is just awesome for getting new readers into comics, although it is a YA comic, which is probably what contributes to its awesomeness. And it's original. And awesome. And totally-on-the-edge-of-your-seat.

And HELLO Gert has a freakin' Velociraptor as a PET! I should actually be methodical and list why Runaways is so awesome but all I can say is GERT! CHASE! NICO! MOLLY! KAROLINA! The awesome Spider-Man/Captain America/Iron-Man/X-Men/Cloak & Dagger cameos! INCOHERENT BABBLING!

And Gert/Chase has totally become my new OTP of the century! I was totally surprised when they hooked up (because they are like the two least likely teenagers out of the whole group to hook up with each other considering their wildly different personalities).

So, in short, too many comics, too little time.


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