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So you know there are spoilerphobes. Well, I'm the opposite of those--a spoilerphile, spoiler-lover, anti-spoilerphobe?? (We need a good name; this will bug me now.)

Not unrelated to the above, I got through the entirety of Power Rangers Megaforce on Netflix, thinking I'd be able to watch the next season, Super Megaforce, instantly BECAUSE OF ALL THE AWESOME CAMEOS OBVIOUSLY. No such luck though. :/ I shouldn't be that disappointed seeing as the season isn't even finished (BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS SERIOUSLY WHY DID I THINK EPISODES AIRED FEB. THROUGH MAY?? THAT'S SO STUPID.) But you can't just go to the end of Megaforce--on a freakin' cliffhanger where the robots/alien monsters with the weird heads come on the scene and THE LEGENDARY BATTLE is teased--without being frustrated that you have to wait until the season's finished and Netflix adds it.

I mean the show is so *baaaaad* but it's filled with younger, relatively new(er) actors on the scene so I can cut them some slack. And it's a kids' show--you can't really do much with the cliche sayings and condensed plot. ALSO DOES TROY HAVE ANY EMOTIONS I DON'T THINK HE DOES?? JAKE IS MY FAVORITEST--though I could do without his crushing on Gia because PR has been there and done that, and, most importantly it's bordering on creepy. I'd much rather they be awesome bros together with competitions solely for the fun of them. Gia and Emma are girlfriends, and not in a platonic sense, I'm totally sure of it. Robo Knight is the cutest. I'm sad Metal Alice got defeated so quickly. Vrak is an asshole, but I ship him with Metal Alice? A little. IDK how that'd work and Metal Alice is probably way too good for him but I wouldn't hate it.

Speaking of shipping, I will probably hate it if they go down the Emma/Troy/Gia love triangle. IDK if they will, but there are moments in random episodes where things can be construed as going that way. All I can say is, poor Noah. He doesn't have anyone ogling him or crushing on him in blatant, uncomfortable ways. It's okay, Noah. If you were a real person, I'd be crushing on you. I mean Jake is cute too, Troy's looks don't do anything for me personally, but you have *looks* and *brains*. You're a total winner.

And, unlike the rest of the fandom, I love Tensou and Gosei and do not find them useless like the majority does. Hey, Gosei has to ALWAYS announce when they morph into their megazords and has to tell them when there's trouble--THAT'S BEING A USEFUL ALIEN BEING/WHATEVER GOSEI IS. Mostly, I like 'em because of the fact that they're very reminiscent of Zordon/Alpha.


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