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Trade deadline decisions for Maple Leafs

I suppose every hockey fan has to deal with this (and I suppose the NFL too), BUT I DIDN'T KNOW I'D HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS SO SOON. WHY DOESN'T ANYONE WARN YOU ABOUT GETTING INTO SPORTS?? IT'S ALL HEARTBREAK. /ALLL/ esp. if you're following a team like the Maple Leafs. Hahahahaha, did I luck out there. But the Leafs are now my team, for better or worse.

(Okay, so they didn't win the Stanley Cup in close to a quarter of a century, but there are some teams out there in the NHL who have never won the Stanley Cup, okay, or who have won it a really, really long time ago, never to get it back again and all I'm saying is that there are probably worse teams out there to support. But if someone does support those lesser teams, I wouldn't say anything because they'd be that person's team and I would know how precious feelings all around would be. Just saying.)

Anyways, I really don't want them to get rid of James Reimer or Nikolai Kulemin or Mason Raymond or Jake Gardiner or Nazem Kadri. I'd probably care more about Bolland getting traded if I watched him more but in the four games I've watched, he hasn't really played. Though to be fair, he was on the injured reserve list for a while, and only came back for yesterday's game.


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