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Some uber pretties I got from [livejournal.com profile] sailormoonland (where you ask for hot guys and you receive 'em):

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Man, am I tired today. And it's not even midnight yet! What I wouldn't give to not love sleep so much and actually be productive while I'm supposed to be sleeping, instead of just not being productive at all.

And just so you all know, [profile] closetd0rk is really, really pretty in real life. And awesome and stuffies. And yeah. <33333

*tries to go back to her studying*
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I seemed to have picked up another soap opera - EastEnders, but more specially, I'm totally enamored of Christian/Syed. HOW ARE THEY SOOO ADORABLY HANDSOME AND CUTEEEEE?! I don't know if I'd say I'm a big fan of it. Really, I'm not a fateful viewer of soaps at all - mainly because they always end up breaking my heart. (I have days where I'm fed up with them and hate them and then they manage to drag me in - well, at least certain story lines, not the whole soap opera genre itself). I'm just here for the gay story lines, mainly, not that other melodramatic stuff.

You know, if mainstream media would just embrace homosexual themes and not be afraid to show it on prime time, I wouldn't have to resort to soap operas to get my fix! That's all I'm saying.

Would that be asking for too much? I know not everybody is comfortable with homosexuality in general and that's fine - you could just choose to not watch it. I know that soap operas have fully embraced homosexual themes but soap operas are so dramatic and no one stays happy in soap operas and while I have flings with soap operas, sometimes I just want something that I can devote myself to without fearing that it will betray me. Sometimes, I just want a comedy. Sometimes, I just need for everything to end HAPPILY, and you know what you never get with soap operas? Happily-ever-afters. Oh sure they lure you in with cute, adorable scenes that make your heart go all a flutter and there's cute, adorkable guys in love and then the proverbial shit hits the fan AND THERE'S NEVER ANY HAPPINESS. Which I know works out really well for your average soap opera fan but, well, like I said, I'm not the average soap opera fan, unfortunately. :(


= I used to really love Passions. But then everything went crazy. (Not that it didn't start out crazy, but it kept getting crazier.)

= One Life to Live, I used to watch for the Jessica/Nash cuteness and then when they were FINALLY HAPPILY, after the long, languished angsty scenes of betrayal and evil twins, and the I-love-someone-else-I-can't-be-with-you scenes, YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS??!!! YOU CAN PROBABLY GUESS. Yeah, Nash dies. :< And then Jessica moves on and I have no idea what's happening to her now but I think she's got a new lover which is sooooo DNW!! AND ARRRGGGHHHHH! STUPID SOAPS. I also used to watch OLtL for John/Natalie but that died a quick death too and I wasn't as invested in their story as I was in Jessica and Nash's.

= And then OLtL dragged me back into its clutches with its Oliver/Kyle story line which was all good and angsty and I guess I can count this as a win since, technically, no one dies, they just sort of fade into the background because, and I quote, "ABC later released another statement, stating “The Kish story did not have the appeal we hoped it would. We are going to spend our time on stories that have a more favorable reaction from our audience," which, OK, I can understand that ratings drive the stories and everything, but it's still disappointing.


I do, however, have a lot of love for Verbotene Liebe because, so far, it hasn't let me down. Yay!! Christian and Olli got married!!. I mean, marriage meh but I love the characters and I feel sooo happy for them!! (That wedding scene was equal parts beautiful, awkward, and WTF-I-don't-even-know. Don't ask me how, it just was. But I find weddings in general awkward, so you know it might just be me. BUT THEY ARE ADORABLE DORKS AND I JUST WANT TO HUG THEM! *draws sparkly hearts instead*)

I haven't been keeping up with their story but then I watched the wedding scenes and yeah, VL, I love you, keep being awesome and stuff.

(You know why I'm blabbering about soap operas? I have no idea either but it keeps me from doing my homework...)

Also, I have an invite code for Archive of Our Own as part of their 1-year anniversary deal so if you want one, holler (here in the comments - not where you all are, I can't hear you there). Have seven Dreamwidth codes as well, if anyone wants those too.
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So, last night, I had this truly horrifying idea: what if the cast of Sailor Moon reversed genders?

.....clearly I had to follow this train of thought to its natural conclusion. Now I love Sailor Moon and the original cast, dearly, and would not want to actually have to think about a real-live action Western movie but this is all for fun, imagining how Sailor Moon would be different if the main characters were a different gender. Subsequently, if the main characters of SM were a different gender, Sailor Moon would NOT be known as Sailor Moon - it'd just be known as another male-centric superhero tv series.  

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(Yes, this is what happens when people let me I stay up late. And get bored out of my mind.)


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