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So I watched this vid of Jake Gardiner & Morgan Rielly quiz each other and I thought it was the cutest thing.

Apparently, there are like a lot more vids now of other Leafs getting quizzed by Brooke Pashley (who, I've gathered, is a reporter/host for Leafs TV or something).

the others I really cared about:
The @BrookePashley Minute: with Phil Kessel (people say he's awkward around cameras, but I say he's really adorable)
The @BrookePashley Minute: with Tyler Bozak (when he says his greatest quality is that he's caring, I just about died)
The @BrookePashley Minute With JVR (Jen Aniston is his crush, ahhh, I can totally agree with that choice tho--I'm a total Aniston fan as well)
The @BrookePashley Minute with: Nazem Kadri (Phil's in the background the whole time and he's a lot less awkward than he was in his own interview) 
The @BrookePashley Minute with: Kuli (I really love his accent, but then again I love all accents, but he's still adorable)
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this? is so cool. it's like a miniature town.

I LOL'd at this though: Portland, Maine is a real place. Over 60,000 people live there. Real, full-size humans.

from: kotaku
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◄ I've been engrossed in reading Not Always Romantic just because a fic linked to it. Man, some of these stories. Just. Wow.

♥ I will always pimp this show, so if you've wanted to watch Chicago Fire, all episodes are up online until it comes back on January 31 here. (Also, alternatively, on hulu).

◄ Speaking of pimping shows, Suits also comes back on January 17! Also was trying to find good fanvids for the show on YT, and stumbled upon these Suits Recruits mini-episodes that I think were produced just for the fans? (HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I hope they end up on the DVDs.) My favorite is the Firing Norma one. Harold, you and your curly blond head are my favorite.


There is a whole bunch of them here and I'd highly recommend viewing them - if you're a fan or just aren't sure if you want to watch the show, it's great for dipping your toes in.
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It is way too hot to live. Why is it soooo hot?! In an attempt to waste this day away without expanding too much energy (because it's hot) I thought a Youtube marathon was in order.

So Coupling. Coupling is a British sitcom much like the American tv sitcom Friends. If you're familiar with Friends and/or love it to death, I'd suggest giving this show a try as well. (And I mean the British version of Coupling, and not the American version. I haven't seen the American version to judge it totally accurately, but I'm betting it's not as GOOD as the British version because, you know what the British version has that the American version doesn't? That's right - people speaking British! Which is the only way to watch a British show, IMHO.)

This clip features Captain Subtext and the Cushion rant (And with bonus Doctor Who reference!)

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This amuses me greatly.

And so does this.

And I have been marathoning a gay German soap opera called Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) on youtube these last three days (yay for Thanksgiving break!), mostly watching the Christian/Oliver boy-loving. (Dude there were like 129 parts to get through, although I couldn't force myself to watch the beginning- so much PINING so much DENIAL, so make that like 110 parts for me). Makes me wanna learn German now, even though it's such a rough-sounding language, IMHO.

And this is my favorite part, (although there are many more favorable parts from this point on as well- the story only gets better) mostly because they FINALLY get together and have some lovely smexing again (they had some lovely smexing before but stupid Christian's denial that he wasn't in love with Ollie ruined it all). Just the TENDERNESS, jealousy, and the awesome banter at the end between them. Sigh. ♥♥♥♥

And the Noah/Luke storyline on As the World Turns is getting better, I think, although it's been a while since I've seen anything concerning them and I don't have time to play catch-up yet (no more Amara, I think? Which, finally, thank god).


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