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So Renae De Liz has like become one of my favorite comic artists now (among many others I've only heard about/seen) and I got a chance to meet her this weekend, at a signing at my LCS for her book, Womanthology: Heroic. Womanthology is a very big book that 150 female artists and writers worked on to spotlight female writers and artists in the comic industry (and much of the money they raised on the book went to charity too), whether that was amateur writers & artists, or professionals. The only other writer featured in the book that I've heard about before was Gail Simone and her story rocked too.

I also got the book signed by Stacie Ponder, Ellen Crenshaw and Ashlee Lentini! It was, a bit ashamedly, the first time I went to a book signing. But that's okay! Better late than never.

There are photos of the fantastic event on Casablanca's Facebook page which I'd recommend going through.

Anyway, trying to stalk her on the web and I found her blog and got very excited that she was going to make Lady Powerpunch an ongoing! I loved this story, this story was like my most favorite out of the ones I've read so far. My love for this comic story has NO BOUNDS. Seriously. If this is published, I'm totally gonna grab the first copy (and pretty much all the future issues!)

I'd highly recommend getting Womanthology. It is very expensive (and boy is it a hefty book) but the money does go to charity.

Lady Powerpunch has become my favorite super heroine (that no one has heard of but that's okay)!

Also! Also! There's gonna be a Womanthology ongoing! With a space theme! *can't contain the excitement*
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So yesterday I went to the comic store for Free Comic Book Day. I got a bag of goodies including a sample where Captain America & Thor team-up, an Amazing Spider-Man comic, another team up comic between Young Justice and Batman, a Green Lantern comic, and an Archie comic featuring Betty and Veronica and Sonic The HedgeHog. I only read the Captain American & Thor, Amazing Spider-Man, and Archie comics, will probably get to the others sometime soon. Archie comics as a whole don't interest me and this free comic read more for like little kids, but I loved the Amazing Spider-Man and Cap & Thor comics. HOLY MOLY is all I can say. (But I'm naturally a Spider-Man fan so it was a guarantee I'd like it and the Cap & Thor comic I only gave it a try because there was a post for it at scans_daily and I realized what I've been missing by not reading it. SO MUCH GOODNESS IN SO FEW PAGES!! Half the fun of reading comics is having other people to talk about it with, because again, SO MUCH GOODNESS and it needs to be shared. SO PLEASE PLEASE GIVE COMICS A TRY. I hardly know anybody in RL who is into comics - or on here either - and that is a shame because, trust me, COMICS ARE AWESOME, COMICS ARE THE BEST. I know they don't have "literary" merit like classic novels like War & Peace, Pride & Prejudice, Life of PI, and numerous others but that doesn't mean their stories aren't as good as some that are found in those "literary" books.)

And then after getting my free comics, I brought Young Avengers & Runaways: Civil War, all four issues of the crossover between the YA and the Runaways. I believe I already talked some about how freakin' awesome Runaways comics are and I knew there was a crossover between them and the YA - which is another awesome comic about teenagers but one I don't have in my collection currently and have only seen certain scans of and not the whole thing so I wanted to refrain from talking about it until I start reading it from the beginning - and knew I had to get it.

And then I found out my local comic store also carries current issues of X-Factor (!!!!!!!). So, as a late birthday present for myself, I brought:

(I definitely want to complete my meager collection of X-Factor comics so will definitely go back and try to find the ones I'm missing - unfortunately these were all the ones I could find at the store - well these and some others like issues #38-#45, but I didn't know what these issues were about so I held off on buying them for now.)

I had already read these issues online before but albeit illegally. So am now supporting the artists and writers who work on them because that'd be the right thing to do (and I totally know I'd get my money's worth because I had already previewed them and liked them, but that's not the major point here). *nods*

Look at me, supporting Peter David and other awesome comic artists and writers by buying their comics! Which everyone should do if it's feasible.

(It was weird the comic store didn't have X-Factor #217 as it was published a month ago; I really wanted this current issue. I hope they get it soon and that it's just a case of it being delayed getting here and not something HORRIBLE. BECAUSE THERE'S A CAMEO BY SPIDER-MAN. SPIDER-MAN AND X-FACTOR!!!! WHY WOULD ANYONE BE SURPRISED I'M A FANGIRL?!! Oh and there's a cameo by Black Cat too who's awesome but who I haven't read too much about but MAINLY IT'S PETERRRRRRR!!! WHO HAS MY HEART!! And issue #218 came out sometime in the last week of April so am thinking will have to wait a while to get that issue too. :(( Pooey. I don't think I'm ever gonna be ready to read it though because it looks like they might kill off one of the main characters - GUIDO!!!!!!!! HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO YOU?!!! ARE YOU REALLY GONNA DIEEEEE??? YOU CAN'T???!! MAN, I NEED THIS ISSUE LIKE YESTERDAY!@! And I really want to find out why there are people trying to kill Jameson. I mean, there's no mystery that Jameson has enemies, but still...exciting stuff.)

So after blowing about $36 on comics, I thought I didn't have any more money left so I thought I couldn't get the book I was hoping to get by now. (It was Meg Cabot's Abandon. Ah well, maybe next month.) But I did find some twenty dollar bills at the bottom of my bag after I got home so I definitely could've brought it right then and there and I'm kicking myself now for not buying it. Ah, well, I guess I get some points for exercising some control.

Awesome people at scans_daily at Dreamwidth have already scanned some awesome pictures from the free comic sample of Amazing Spider-Man: here and Cap & Thor: here with cameos from Merlin & King Arthur. Wheeeeeeeeee!


Oh, and for my birthday, I got a lot of awesome things including two new pairs of shoes from my parents, some money from my brother, and a lovely fanart piece of John and Rodney by the lovely and awesome [livejournal.com profile] ribbon_purple. :D So yeah, I didn't technically celebrate it as I was freaking out about an English presentation I had to do that fell exactly on my birthday and I'm buried now in studying for finals that start tomorrow. But it was a lovely way to enter my 20th year of being alive (20 freakin' years old!!!!! Man it's scaring writing that.)


So yesterday was filled with a lot of excitement and fangirly squeals and me huggling my new, shiny comics even though I should've been studying. Although, remind me to never wear high-heeled shoes again. Because, while they're awesome and adorable and make me about two inches taller, they kill my feet when I have to go traipsing all over the city for extended periods of time. (They weren't killing me on my way to the comic store, just on my way back home so there was that small miracle. Ugh, why must you adorable shoes betray me so??) *still massaging her poor toesies and her battered ankles 24 hours later* Man, the things I endure for my comics obsession...


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