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Dear Writers of Eureka:

GODDAMN IT STOP IT. Seriously. I don't mind love triangles usually - Pushing Daisies did it in a really tasteful way where I felt really sad for Olive carrying the torch for Ned when he was really in love with Chuck, and it never made me think, 'god just get the love triangle out of the way already,' but here I am thinking that for Eureka. I guess for Pushing Daisies it really worked because Olive was so sure of herself and her love for Ned even though it left her with a broken heart more often than not.

There are love triangles all over the place nowadays. But you know what's NOT okay? Jerking us Jo/Zane shippers around while Jo/Carter is getting hinted at in every corner and turn. Seriously. It might be one-sided but that doesn't make it any less heart-crushing (and add to that Zane's rightful insecurity with Jo not wanting to define their relationship or commit fully).

I'd be more okay with it if Jo wasn't stringing Zane around while she's thinking about being with Carter. And Carter has Allison now (HE FREAKING PROPOSED TO HER HE'S RAISING HER KIDS WITH HER). Ugh, angst can be found in other plot lines.

I have no problem with Jo/Carter being a possibility but not when Jo is doing this friends-with-benefits thing with Zane where it's pretty obvious that this relationship means more to him than to Jo. And hasn't Jo (and Zane indirectly) already been brokenhearted way too many times already (especially when you guys decided to screw with their lives and not return them to their original time-lines when they time-traveled to 1947)?

You know what hurts worse? That Jo is sincere when Zane talks about his insecurity about their relationship, considering that in his fake reality Jo and Carter were together when they thought he and the rest of the crew died in space. That Jo keeps telling him he's the only one she wants to be with when she's going back and forth about their relationship and what they mean to each other and when she keeps glancing in Carter's direction whenever they're all together, that just keeps adding to the disappointment. I don't care if you decide that Jo should be with Carter in the end, but the show is in its final season and this getting jerked around is probably what real heartbreak feels like (I've never been in love so I wouldn't know but I am falling in love with these two characters together and it feels like y'all are ending something great but being ambiguous and wishy-washy about it - which I don't appreciate, btw. Either end Jo/Zane for real, or go all the way with their relationship, just for the love of all things sane, PLEASE CHOOSE ONE. No this in-between limbo.

Seriously, it's heartbreaking and I'd just like it to stop, please.

*cuddles Zane for herself*
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