May. 8th, 2012

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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

Saw [ profile] lil_1337 and [ profile] frith_in_thorns doing this on their 'journals and thought it looked like fun.

My theme/topic: 100 AWESOME COMIC BOOK MOMENTS (these will most likely entail 'shipping moments - because BILLY AND TEDDYY KISSSSSSSSS FINALLY LIKE AFTER 12-ISSUES AND TWO CROSSOVER EVENTS PLUS 9-ISSUES OF AVENGERS: CHILDREN'S CRUSADE - but there will also be character moments too and/or individual/group scenes from old and new comics. I don't really know right now; kinda am winging it at the moment.)


why, no this is not an excuse to talk about comics even more and all the time - well maybe it kinda is.


Speaking of comics (well kinda), Thor 2 movie news is apparently that a new villain will appear in the sequel. That's OMGGG YAY! Because I am finding myself sympathetic toward Loki the villain in the first movie and I kinda don't want him to be the evil EVERY TIME (like in The Avengers) ? OK? It's like Loki isn't inherently evil so much as he can be a bastard sometimes. But that's kind what sibling rivalry is about? Though with Thor and Loki it's kind taken to the extreme.

I have seen fan comments about how fans of Loki romantice his character and that comics!Loki is an evil bastard who shouldn't be liked. And maybe that's true? I am not familiar with comics!Loki except for that one Free Comic Book Day issue where Thor and Captain America (this is before they join Avengers because they don't seem to know each other) end up in Camelot and they find that Loki is masquerading as Merlin the magician and tricking King Arthur and the knights of the round table. But that's not so much evil as mischievous. And it was a really nice, awesome issue.

I just have a lot of Loki feelings, I guess. (And THE AVENGERS might change my mind about him once I actually see it.)
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From: Detective Comics #859 (collected in Batwoman: Elegy)

"Sir, all I've ever wanted since my mother and sister were murdered is to serve."

So Kate Kane's aka Batwoman's origin is pretty frickin' sad (when isn't an origin of a superhero sad, I guess?); her mother and twin sister are murdered when she's young and when she's a cadet, she's facing some "allegations" (basically she was charged with homosexual conduct) that would get her discharged from the military. (Kate's mother and father were both in the military and she looks up to both her parents very much.) She has a chance to say the allegations are false and it's a simple misunderstanding. Of course Kate could do that, but that would be lying about who she was. What she does here speaks VOLUMES about what kind of character Kate is - that faced with either lying or being true to herself, she picks being true to herself even if it gets her kicked out of the one place she felt she belonged and the one place she wanted to be in her whole life.

(The next few scenes with her father when she comes home after being discharged from the military are pretty heartwarming too and are one of my favorite father/daughter scenes.)


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